Friday, November 30, 2012

Margaret River, Yallingup Weather Shots, Nov 29 2012

Gosh, non seasonal weather, a bit scary Wednesday night at the Shackette re the wind, sounded like a train rumbling past. Saw one person brave the surf at Gnarabup in the nud'! Brrrrr.... not much to see there obviously. It was pretty much a white out, washing machine action kind of sea. Bloody windy. Could hardly get in or out of the car. One of my friends lost her newly planted vege garden. The yellow flowers were blown off the Banksia. The odd tree went over. Further up the coast between Bunbury and Perth copped it far worse and very sadly, one person lost their life.

The winds have abated this morning but I think I was just hearing light hail on the tin roof.

Currently its about 20 knots at the Capes (Leeuwin & Naturaliste), yesterday it was gusting up to 55 knots. According to Seabreeze. Apparently its about 16C outside at the mo, yesterday about 2pm I had a reading of 12C! Interesting to look at our current weather in contrast to the rest of Australia.

The photos are from yesterdays drive up the coast.
From, todays temperatures Australia wide
Wind recordings from

Miss Dish, my trusty companion, Main Break, Margaret River, the wind was making lots of noise, hence her upright ears, and the look is because the car is rocking from being buffeted by that same wind. I know she needs a wash!
Main Break, looking south
Main Break, looking north
Main Break, note the message on the hand rail
Smiths Beach
Yallingup, looking south
Yallingup, looking north

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