Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bunions, 6 Months On, The Xrays

Good Morning All,

Re the blog; I am very surprised and appreciative at the feed back I have had in regard to  moving away from Margaret River Correspondent. I think I am more surprised that people read it to be honest. So, after considering that feed back, I have decided to continue on in a random kind of manner. The time has come for me to put my greater thinking to other things, but I could still contribute to the blog as a hobby.
My feet, before surgery.
There is a lot of interest from readers in the Bunion journey, I am not, obviously the only one to travel this road. So, I will continue to write about how Dr Wu's Syndesmosis Surgery goes.
The xrays at the 6 month mark, which was the other day. Dr Wu 's feed back is: 
"showed excellent alignment of all the bones". I am very happy about that!
It has been just over 6 months now. I hit a patch about 6 weeks ago where I pushed the feet a bit far, and, with out support from orthotic shoe inserts. My friend Rhonda, who had this surgery 2 years ago, says often, "your feet will tell you what you can do and what you cant do"! She is right, even taking things easy, you can certainly feel if something is not right. Generally the next day, you don't seem to get instant feed back. So, after hurting my feet, and feeling like I had sustained some damage, I went home and put my feet up until the pain went away, 2 or 3 days. I also got the irrits, as I felt I wasn't progressing as well as I should.
You know its summer when the Cicada's arrive. This one was in the house, I am just taking him back outside. Too cute!
My Chiropractor, Kevin Carlson from Gentle Chiropractics, sent me off to buy some 'off the shelf' shoe orthotics. They have made a huge difference. I also discovered that I can't walk in sand with out proper support and in fact I don't I can walk in sand at all for quite some time. That's where I think I hurt my feet.
Sight seeing with Rhonda, who had come all this way to see me. This is looking back up the coast from Cape Leeuwin, the most south westerly point in Australia. It's where the Indian Ocean & the Southern Ocean meet.
Looking due west from Cape Leeuwin
Not sure if anyone has picked it up, but, I am a beach girl! I have to get into the sea, feel the water wash over me. A swimming pool doesn't cut it! (Talking public swimming pools here) Just the mere thought brings shudders, visions of old band aids and other slimy, unsavoury things floating at the bottom of the pool.... erky perky!!! The beach's around Margaret River are sublime. The water is like champagne, its almost irresistible! I am also a sucker for some 'skin damaging' sun rays. Why does it make you feel so good to get that sun on your body, and be so destructive at the same time?
The light house at Cape Leeuwin
Boranup Forest, these trees are massive, Rhonda and I took the dirt road drive through the back of the forest, its bumpy, but so beautiful
Any way, my friend Jackie, put me onto some great shoes that I can wear in the water with my orthotics. They are great, they have holes in the sole and a mesh top. I bought them from Paul Carroll in Fremantle, you can buy them online and they are called Kroten, travel walkers (here is a link to Carrolls and the walker). Rhonda has just ordered a pair from Carroll's online.
The view from Wills Domain, a lovely girls lunch, consistently good food. Love it.
I have discovered that I can get into that beautiful sea water using the boat ramp at Gracetown. It is dog friendly, so my little doggie, Dish, and I can play together in the water. I can use the jetty to support myself against the tidal surge and there is lovely flat concrete to walk on until I get into the deep! Whoo hoooo! Love, love, love it....! Just being able to get into the water made a huge difference to my psyche.
Wills Domain, one of our famous football players Nic Naitanui bailed up for a photo by one of the girls, he is seriously tall!
Thanks for visiting Rhonda. So good to get to talk about the bunions. I have been driving everyone else to boredom I guess. Your feed back has been invaluable.


  1. Hi Cath, it must have been about 6 months since your surgery, just wonder whether you are fully happy with it? Dr Wu's website says patients should have fully recovered and be able to resume normal form of exercise - is this what you are experienceing?
    Thanks a lot for sharing!
    ~ Diana from Hong Kong

    1. Hi Diana, Thanks for your comments. I am working on a comparison with what I 'thought' would happen, and what has actually happened. I just have to wade through my office to find all my paper work. I did list what was the suggested recovery program in the 'Bunion' section. And, no, if I compare to that then recovery is longer. I do have to say that the feet have experienced another turning point, and I am happy with that. Cheers Cath



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