Monday, January 21, 2013

Margaret River Correspondent - Requests Feedback

Hello Team!

I am overwhelmed by the enduring support of you, my reader. Gosh. Thank you...
Miss Dish still recovering from a visit to the vet, 2 lumps and a little tooth removed. But all ok with her. Phew!
(I cringe (as I write) as Little Miss Dish has decided to interject with a perfumed vapour! Sorry, I will continue, a'hemmmm!) (Might have something to do with her surgery)
You can see Dishies stitches on her left elbow, nice clean teeth though.
So, thinking more about where my readers are coming from, I would now like to now know, about my readers.....
One of the many honeyeaters at the water bowl, they are such characters, the new pumpkins in the back ground - just about to take over the garden
Could you please give me some feedback about yourself. Im thinking a couple of sentences, I assume anonymous - or not, where you come from and anything else you would like to add - or not.

Cheers Cath

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