Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Margaret River Correspondent 'What's Goin On?!'

Right,,, I took the following photo, which I kinda like, quite late, last night. It was after a few wines with mates down the road... you can't live in Margaret River and not drink wine! I gave up for a couple of weeks and everyone looked at me like I was mad. Oh well... I can rise to the occasion I suppose! Never the less, I did have quite a hangover and do have some recollection of stubbing my toe on my way home.
Agapanthus @ midnight
The last couple of weeks I have put my back out twice, once lifting the lawn mower and the other leaping up to answer a knock at the front door, it was my girlfriend who arrived with a couple of gin & tonics. Kevin @ Gentle Chiropractics in North Perth helped me out the first time, I recommend him to everyone, I could be crippled and walk into his rooms and walk out, not crippled, too amazing, I would put my life in that mans hands!.

Kevin is a 3 hours drive from Margs, so I thought I would try Michael Harris in Dunsborough, only a 45 minute drive. He had been recommended and is trained in Scenar Therapy, and also massage. It's good stuff and worked in so many areas. Thank goodness!
One of my gorgeous little birds, a honeyeater I think. You can see the pumpkins going a bit crazy in the back ground, actually the lawn looks a bit crazy also. I have had to mow it every week.
Last night I went to a community street meeting. There has been a submission to council to have a property down the road rezoned to allow lots and lots of extra housing. Very interesting scenario. But that is a story on its own.
Managed to get a few walks in to the beach. Walking quite well in the right shoes. So far so good with the bunion surgery. Have turned the so called corner I reckon. Still cant walk in sand, but 'soon'!
Today, I 'door knocked' the surrounding area to ask people to sign a petition for the repair of the Water Corporations sewerage manholes. They are very noisy and driving a few of us quite crazy. They are obviously loose as there is, at peak periods, not so nice aromas emanate from 'dem dere' manholes. Beth from the Red Cross Op Shop has climbed aboard with the petitions, and I was blown away when the lads at the Margaret River Soup Kitchen helped out this evening with the petition as well. After speaking to other locals who have complained to the Water Corp, it seems that we are being fobbed off.

I listed my very first item for sale on EBay. Very pleased with myself. It's an old Bang & Olufsen Beosound Ouverture CD/Tape/Radio, I started the bid at  $9.99. Will be interesting. Now I have the bug.... watch out Miss Dish....
My photo added to Ebay of the B&O
I had my hair done by Sarah at Pariah in South Fremantle.
The hair
Miss Dish had a trip to the vet, 2 small lumps on her left leg and a small tooth removed. I thought she had more problems than that, and had steeled myself to make that awful decision!
We love our lawn!

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