Saturday, February 23, 2013

@emergence2013, Day 2, 22nd Feb

The day started with a walk through the bush with Miss Dish
Amazing art works in the Art Gallery @ Leeuwin Estate, the camera there to record proceedings
I obviously have a 'foot fetish'! Well maybe more of a shoe fetish, but I couldn't help noticing so many of our attendees and presenters in 'thongs', I caught myself humming 'The Thong Song'! "Thong... tha... thong, thong, thong~~!" Anton from Thrill Seekers didn't need a name badge as his name was written on his thongs... at least 3 of our presenters wore thongs... it was a lovely thing..... it epitomises why I am here in Margaret River, or even Australia for that matter!

A few other trends.... humour and fun, very important. We have all laughed through out this conference.. festival.... anti conference, what ever it was called. I totally 'get' that humour in media is used and needed to get 'the message' across (yes it did sink in!). But, the presenters were having fun in their working lives, and that to me was hugely motivating and instructional. Not one presenter was 'not' humorous. Sounds weird.
Shane JR Walter mentioned the word - 'party', 5 times.... Parties are important for communication apparently. No arguments there, unless your shy. But, the creative world is one of "convergence and collaboration of different people, cultures and ideas" (Shane JR Walter). Hence the party word.
Its a good life!
Responsibility was also a theme that seemed to be in the minds of the presenters. Media is powerful. Money is powerful. And, there were examples through out the day that cautioned of misuse. And, plenty of examples of how giving back to the community was important and rewarding. It was mentioned a few times that 'you should do what you want to do and worry about the dollars later'. Some of those things were things that people felt compelled to do, and, in some way were rewarded for it further down the track.
Hey, and you know what? It rained. I mean, a lovely grey blanket of cloud with a nice heavyish drizzle! Unheard of in February, it's our hottest month! Fantastic for me, I dont think a couple of solenoids in my new retic system are working, so yeah, nice.... But weird. We had morning tea under the decking of the main restaurant at Leeuwin Estate, and there were big drippy bits making a nuisance of themselves.
A Kookaburra came and sat by me after lunch! 
Amazing Leeuwin Estate art works
Unfortunately had to bale one segment early to feed the dog and give my back and bottom a little break before dins tonight. Can't wait. Haven't had a bad meal yet at Leeuwin Estate. Or a bad wine for that matter.
Looking back toward Leeuwin Estate
I just want to thank all the amazing presenters. You have reignited my enthusiasm, it means a lot. Thank you.
The cellar
It was evident that there was some 'multi neuron firing' occurring in the room. My poor old synapses are relaxing as we speak with a glass of wine!!! I feel like Cpt Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, his brain in his hand, giving it a bit of a scratch!!. I am now also alerted to fact, that, after input from such amazing talent, that I am going to have to up the anti on the calibre of my own work (work being an interesting word in my scenario).
Departure, taken whilst waiting for John driving the 'Wine for Dudes' bus

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