Thursday, February 21, 2013


Emergence Creative 2013 Margaret River (click the link to take you to the official site which lists all the fabulous presenters)

Well, my brain is throbbing. When I saw this 'festival' advertised to arrive in Margaret River I felt it was a message from the universe. So, after a full day I am still buzzing. OMG, what a contingent of talent! What a bombardment of ideas and unexpected support.
Looking down toward the White Elephant @ Gnarabup, Margaret River
Started Wednesday afternoon (20th of Feb). A couple of mates joined me in attending a workshop at the Augusta - Margaret River Shire Chambers. We were not sure what to expect but attendees were soon set to work on the possibility of perhaps forming a creative hub in the South West region.
 The idea certainly has merit, but we have a few fundamental issues to contend with before we become a creative/technology hub, we need the support of basic telecommunications! Today at the festival at Leeuwin Estate, even with a dedicated wifi, we couldnt get anything to work. And, I am not talking, unskilled teams working on the com, I am talking major talents. Very frustrating. Even at my little shackette in town, I have a direct line to the com tower and even my digi radio shuts down at 2pm ish every day!!! On a busy weekend, visitors to the region with their smart phones and tablets, jam the system! An email or txt you send today, may find its destination the next day. I am convinced my Valentines Day txt got lost in the ether, no other explanation!
Breakfast @whiteelephant, the storm clouds in the distant and a the odd warm little rain drop 
Getting back to the Wednesday afternoon workshop. I kinda like (get that these are my thoughts to you) the idea of an online, collaborative network, collecting clusters of like minded creative groups, whether they are creating artworks or businesses! Also, I have been looking at for ages, and have thought about making a trip to Sydney just to check it out, and maybe hang around abit. This is something our local politicians and council could readily support for Margaret River.
Bill Tai, Othman Loraki, Shane J Walter, Marc Loveridge
We had a huge night last night out at Cape Mentelle to celebrate the opening of the festival. It was huge and fabulous.... music, movie clips, wine and pizza and masses of like minded people.
Miss Dish at breakfast
I admit to a hangover, just a little one. But that was quickly gone after forcing myself to fall out of bed, gathering little Miss Dish up and heading off to one of my favourite cafe's  The White Elephant at Gnarabup Beach for what was called 'The Big Bang Breakfast' for @emergence2013 . When I jumped in the car to drive out, the rain came down... and.. I was thinking it was going to be a 'wash out', but no... the high dark clouds, no wind and distant precipitation just added to the amazing ambience. I had prepaid my latte & ristretto the day before with Kara. Miss Dish was perfectly behaved and we enjoyed a beautiful breakfast.
Larry Lopez, Dan Larsen, Amanda Price, Alan Noble, Lars Rasmussen on the screen behind
The days proceedings were held at Leeuwin Estate. A fabulous venue, surrounded by amazing art works and shared by a vaulted cellar filled with wine barrels (hidden behind the presentation screen).
Troy Bennell was creating some very beautiful pieces in front of our eyes
You know what was funny for me...? So many of the blokes were wearing 'thongs'. Two of the presenters were sporting thongs and the bloke sitting next to me even had his name written on his! Love it, it could only happen in Margaret River. An expensive conference/festival, attended by lifestyle lovers!
I also love the enthusiasm shared by everyone. Everyone was happy, welcoming, open and chatty. Curtin University was well represented, after having done my Growth Program with them, it was great to talk to other departments. A refreshing and motivating chat to Hassan... Thrill Seeker Adventures. Too many great people to mention.
Main Break this morning
Some great lessons not only from the presenters but also from attendees. Love being amongst likeminded people. Looking forward to tomorrow!

A few other 'bits'..

"if you are going to fail, fail quick.... if you are going to fail, don't bring anyone else down with you...."
Books - Dale Beaumont...
The Founder Institute - there is now one in Perth

Dins, takeaway from Chow. I heard Simon refer to an egg as a 'bum nut'!!!


  1. While travelling around, it is difficult to carry and store all of the wine that you buy. That's why it's important to order wines direct

  2. Good idea William, thanks for reading the blog. I love that people come to Margaret River, have fun trying the wines at the vineyards, and can support the wineries directly by buying on spot at the cellar door. And, most do deliver. Cheers Cath



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