Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bunions, 9 Months On

Have been pondering the words to this blog for sometime. I have been asked some questions by a reader of the blog and have also been asked for some feedback by Dr Wu's office in regard to my bunion surgery experience. So here goes....

I am very grateful to live such a privileged life. I was super lucky to have been able to afford Dr Wu's surgery and super lucky to have the luxury of time to recuperate and convalesce.
I feel particularly lucky to have had the opportunity to have had Dr Wu's surgical technique, the Syndesmosis Procedure. I understand the concept, have seen it working via my xrays, the proof of being able to stand on my new feet, but don't fully understand 'the magic'. This procedure is relatively unique, I now have heard there are other surgeons in the world that are trained in this, but I had only found Dr Wu, and as I could not find anyone in Australia I ventured to Hong Kong. And, I am glad I did. I had done quite extensive research into bunion surgery prior to discovering this method, and to be honest, this to me was the only logical option.
Life is a beach! This is one in the south west of WA that is a secret. I dont even know the name of it. You will have to come and discover it for yourself :)
As my readers know, I am not paid to endorse anything or anyone. I financially don't need to.

My experience with Dr Daniel Wu himself, has been nothing but a pleasure. His bedside manner is excellent. From the moment I met with him in his surgery, his caring and regard for the condition of my feet made me feel confident that he was the one to care for me. He has never waivered in his care. How many surgeons do you know that personally 'dress' your wounds after surgery? He even personally made my casts. And has personally replied to my emails.
I would be horrified if I thought that a surgeon of this high calibre was inhibited in anyway from performing this wonderful surgery. And I would be horrified to think that I and others who suffer from the pain and disability of bunions would be denied this amazing option.
Having said that, I do have a few issues. I was not prepared for the time it took to recover. I was in foot casts for 3 months, then it really took another 3 months to get myself walking properly. This last 3 months has also been getting the body used to the new feet. I keep putting my hips & back out, at times the bones in my feet seem to freeze up and my wonderful chiropractor, Kevin Carlson has managed to get everything going again.
Miss Dish loves the sea and the sand as much as I do. And, thank goodness, I am now after 9 months able to walk barefoot on the sand!
I feel that I needed to have the benefit of Dr Wu's physiotherapist after surgery. It was very difficult for me as I was alone. Again, I can't ever thank enough my friends who gave me so much support and help.
Loved these guys, farmers I think, they came out of the surf and lit up a 'roll your own'!
Next time, I would like to have a better understanding as to what to expect as to the time it takes. 3 months in a cast was a long time. I think the whole process will probably take me 12 months before I can say that I have full recovery.

There have been a few little things, but in the big picture I would do it all over again.

Thank you Dr Wu, you have changed my life for the better. Cath

Ps readers.... don't forget to do the exercises he gives you!
The sunset at Fremantle, South Beach Doggie Beach


  1. Thank you so much for posting your story. I have a very severe bunion on my right foot that has pushed my big toe way over to the second toe and the second toe is crossing over the big toe. Third toe now shifted in the second toes space. Finding shoes is a nightmare. And they hurt when they rub the shoe and even sitting down.The reviews I've read about the success and outcomes of traditional surgery literally scares the heck out of me. I googled and stumbled upon DR Wu's home page. It all makes sense. Here's my problem.. I contacted him 1 year ago and his fee was $ 8.000 per foot. Then when I contacted him a 9 months later and inquired again he said it was
    $ 10.000 per foot. I clean houses for a living and if the price keeps increasing every year that much I wonder if I ever will have enough saved. My hubby who is Chinese also thinks he gave me a higher fee because I mentioned in my email to him that I really wanted him to do the surgery. That I didn't trust the traditional way they do surgery on bunions here in the states. I think it's brutal. My hubby said it made me sound desperate and that maybe he thinks I'm a rich American. I do still want him to do the surgery. Just concerned about the price hikes. If you had my job. I bend squat and reach a lot. and of course walk from room to room. Would you have been able to do it within 6 weeks after your surgery, do you think? I want to be realistic about it. I don't have anyone to replace me when I take off from work. I could take off 6-8 weeks, but that's about it. Thanks again for sharing your story. You have been so helpful.

  2. Hi there Anonymous, unfortunately those prices quoted are correct.... no matter who you are! My heart goes out to you. My feet were in the casts for 3 months after the operation. I would have found it very difficult to do the work you do. It's an awful 'catch 22'. The only thing I can do is tell you what my experiences are and have been. And, give you a big verbal hug. I wish I could be more helpful, at least with a few more options. Regards Cath

    1. Hi Cath, you have been very helpful. I really appreciate your posting your experience here. When you say casts, were they the ones in your photo? which ones? some casts now days don't look like casts. Much lighter then the old ones they used to put on you. Could you have maybe walked on your heel if you had to, to get across a room? I only plan to get one foot done as the left one is just starting to go bad and I have found using those Yoga toe stretchers and foot exercises, it seem to be helping keep it from getting much worse. It still looks decent. I do have a moderate bunion and my big toe has moved over a little, but I,( could still wear sandals and not feel embarrassed by it. Doesn't hurt much. Right one is too severe now. So will need to do at least that one and then maybe someday the left. if all goes well with the right. So, was wondering if after about 8 weeks if I had to kind of walk on the heel if it would work. I could probably take off as long as 12 weeks because the people I clean for seem very fond of me.. So, if I had to take off 3 months. I wonder if after the 3 months I could go back to work and just walk on the heel of the casted foot to do what I have to do and let the left ,"good" foot do most of the work. Maybe have hubby help me out the first month I go back to work since he has his own home business, he could come with me to help me clean. I'm usually done in 2 to 5 hours and only do a few a week. Did you do much walking around after 3 months? Sorry for all the questions. I know everyone is different but I could still get some feel of how it could go with me by your experience. I wouldn't want to do anything to mess up the healing results. Yours look really good by the way.



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