Thursday, April 25, 2013

Photo Journal, April 2013, Margaret River

Pictures sometimes say so much more, and I thought it is a lovely way for those in the Northern Hemisphere to share our beautiful part of the world. So this is a kind'a photo journal of the past month or so.

Wills Domain

Probably my most favourite restaurant in the South West. Located in the Yallingup hills. OMG, duck to die for. I was the grateful guest of friends from Fremantle. Whilst peacefully enjoying our entree a helicopter landed and other restaurant guests arrived (mining folks of course). Thank you to my hosts. I will dedicate a separate blog to Wills Domain another day, just might have to pay another visit. PS, my mates and I really enjoy their wines as well. Well worth a visit.

Back in Margs, the schedule sometimes demands a takeaway for dinner, I can't go past Chow, check out my take home meal....
Hot & Sour Fish
Your going to think I am crazier than before, below is a photo of an ants nest. I am a huge fan of the ABC Gardening Show, there is a lovely segment with Costa Georgiatis and Aunty Fran talking about weather predicting ants... it will explain all (read more + video). Note the white stones the ants have placed around the nest. You may have to enlarge the photo by clicking on it once. Since Costa and Aunty Frans segment I have been visiting this nest every day to see if they indeed know when its going to rain.
Weather predicting ants
An Iphone photo, not the best quality, but can you see all those kangaroo's lazing about, they are not fenced in here, this is Margaret River, they are everywhere, so gorgeous.
Lunch with friends in the country, Margaret River....
Grandad & Grand Daughter.... super cute
Unfortunately the lifestyle is all too good down in the South West, lots of yummy meals, wine, and gorgeous friends
Then there was ....PuddyTat
Our lives changed instantly! Poor Dish, you can see her tethered to the lead!
So we escape to the beach.... The White Elephant Cafe, a couple of Stand Up Paddle boarders enjoying the day, the weather and water is still warm down here
Kara... my favourite barista, The White Elephant @ Gnarabup, I think they are finishing up for the season on the 5th of May, back in the spring I think.
Back at the shackette, PuddyTat has a little safe haven on the table, the door to her aviary open, Dish on the lead.
Lunch @ Watershed with Sam (see previous post titled Watershed)
PuddyTat, growing everyday. The vet commented on her gorgeous blue eyes that switch to bright pink. He said that under a microscope, these kind of eyes look like the Aurora Borealis
Dish and I escape the cat again and head to the beach, what a beautiful place to live. The days are warm, the water is still warm and we found a little rock pool a safe distance from huge crashing waves that have travelled the whole ocean. Sitting in waste deep water was like sitting in an Octopus's Garden, once the water had settled, the little fish started to show themselves and swam around me as if we shared an aquarium. As each massive wave crashed it exploded with ozone and negative ions, wow, euphoric, enough to blow your head off!
Then back to the cat, the destroyer, so many claws and sharp, piercing teeth!
Marian was wanting a little holiday in her own town, and after doing the rounds of the Farmers Markets we headed down the road, to the river to start our little tour of our own town, Margaret River.
Margaret River has just turned 100! This is the Old Settlement on the banks of the Margaret River. The 100 year celebrations started down here with a Makers Market, a band, CupCake Cafe, Sausage Sizzle
The Margaret River Gallery, Sam & Marian, what beautiful art works and mouth watering Payet Jewellery. Call Sam. I have my eye on a beautiful Topaz ring, yummm.
The Melting Pot, glass blowing gallery joined in the 100 yr celebrations with a band under their veranda and chalk drawings on the pavement. Check out the healthy bunch of Kale in the cyclists pannier
The Melting Pot
The Larder, gourmet retailer, you can buy local products, freshly made take away meals, located on the main street in Margs
Further up the main st, Marian & I investigate the quality Aboriginal Art works at Tunbridge Gallery
Last weekend a group of us drove up to Laurance, a beautiful property/winery located on Caves Rd, Yallingup. They had asked Sabrina Hahn, a Western Australian gardening icon/character to host a Question & Answer morning as we enjoyed a lavish morning tea. Their head gardener Cale was also answering questions. Laurance have created a beautiful and interesting destination for visitors. There is something for everyone. Pop in for lunch and enjoy the art works and colour.
The rose garden @ Laurance, you can also see what some of the locals call the 'chick on a stick', a beautiful sculpture in the middle of the lake.
The entry, the chandeliers created using wine glasses, they look great.
Cellar door, I just love the colour and beauty in everything @ Laurance 
This bronze sculpture of the Pink & Grey Galah's, is dedicated to Steve Irwin, I totally choked up and shed a tear when I saw that. Well done Dianne.
Let sleeping cats lie
The feet are getting there, more walking without shoes, and less locking up of the bones in my feet and less work for my Chiropractor as my body gets used to the new feet
Well, after a little meditate, hard to do with PuddyTat hanging around. Dish and I might go and get a head full of Ozone & -ions at the beach. Then gunna visit Freya's 'Pop-Up Collaborative' shop at the Cowaremup Community Hall, which will be open from today till Sunday. Then.... watching the footy at Marian's, yay, love the footy, hard for me to keep track of the ball as I have that 'retinal eye dominance' thing (long story), but I still love it.

Wish all a meaningful ANZAC Day.

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