Sunday, June 16, 2013

In Honour Of Miss Dish

It is with the deepest sadness that I inform you that Miss Dish has gone to join Peri at the big doggie beach in the sky!
Miss Dish, Perry Lakes, Christmas Picnic with the Family, 2002 
I loved that she looked deep into my eyes , into my soul
Gosh, so hard to say. But Dish and Peri have been so much a part of my blog, my life. I felt that I had to tell you and make a tribute to her life as a part of that. Please forgive me for any typos. She was loved by so many.
Dish & Peri, playing with a frisbee, 2002
Dish was born 11 years ago. The cutest little puppy. Peri was super jealous, and a pity as I had bought Dish to dilute the intensity of my relationship with Peri, as Peri was hyper anxious if I walked out the door for 5 minutes (I think they call it seperation anxiety). Prior to, my neighbour found her in a hanging plant pot plant one day, after she had climbed up through the garden and up onto a wall, it was her attempt of escape to go find her 'Mum'. She remained, swinging, in that pot until I could get back to her, an hour later!
The Girls, South Beach Doggie Beach, 2003
South Beach Doggie Beach, 2003
We went to pick up the new puppy, Miss Dish from the same breeder as Peri. Mrs Kurka. Mrs Kurka said... about Dish..... "I don't know, she iz a throw back to somezing (that is not a typo), I don't know... she no good!" That was after I had handed over my money! Mrs Kurka was 'so' wrong, she was 'super' good, and super special!
The Girls still going to South Beach Doggie Beach, almost 10 years later, 2012
Dish'y was initially rejected by Peri, and I was also feeling like I had made the wrong decision. But she worked on our hearts and we both fell madly in love with her. Peri went from being a 'show case girl' (totally in control & coiffed)  to being, totally run ragged by the new puppy, she resembled something like an animated Phyllis Diller! (sorry Phyllis). Dish played with Peri as if she was her new toy... all that lovely white girly moustache was totally wrecked, fur pulled out by Dish. Dish had superdog powers, she would drag huge fallen palm fronds into the house and demolish them.... Peri was totally miffed, who was this little demon? Peri was poised and cultured, Dish was scruffy and happy to get her paws dirty...!
Dish, beautiful no matter what angle!
That was 11/12 years ago. Since then, my girls have been a highlight to my life. They have touched so many people. I feel blessed to have had them as constant companions.
We have gone sailing on my little yacht together. We have flown by plane to Sydney and then Cairns, back to Brisbane and Perth (many times). Walked 100's of beaches, swum in many seas, socialised with humans and dogs, walked bush tracks, explored city streets, cuddled together...slept together,
Peri, on my yacht Malveena, Pittwater
Dish, not happy, we were in the middle of the start of the Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Yacht Race (as spectators), yachts zooming past, head sails flapping, tacking, mega scary noise 
The Girls had wonderful 'sea legs', Broken Bay

Their life, was a huge chapter of my life, 12 years. It encompassed the construction of my building, a couple of years living in Cottesloe, on the yacht Malveena, Eagle Bay, Fremantle, Pittwater' and then Margaret River. The feet/bunion surgery.
PuddyTat & Dish 2013
Apart from chasing rabbits, digging through the sand was one of Dishys favourite things to do.
Memories of; snoring in bed (not me.... Dish), days with Scarlet, days with Bosco, Days with Harriot, too many other doggie friends... stormy nights on the boat... swimming around in the water and playing fetch with a floating ring, swimming around chasing ducks...of course, lots of barking at everything... the killing of 2 rabbits (we called them wabbits), eating one wabbit... sunny days rolling in the sand at the beach... really hot days floating on surfboards in the sea... standing on the bow of a stand up paddleboard exploring up a river... demolishing the garden.... chewing on carrots.... breakfasts at the cafe... riding in the basket of the bike, she loved the mobility scooter when I was recovering from surgery, obviously she was feeling the pain then.
I am going to really miss exploring with my little mate
More digging through the sand.....
It was cancer that got her. Bugger. It's hard to detect without invasive tests. So, super hard to make 'that call' to have her put to sleep. I wish I was the one who got 'the green dream'! Good bye my gorgeous girl. Thank you for all your beautiful, devoted, unconditional love. You are always in my heart.
In the end she was happy to sit and watch
Have two songs invading my brain;

Christina Perri's, 'A Thousand Years', a beautiful song of devoted love.

Robert Palmer, Doctor, Doctor... Give Me The News... it's the 'there's no pill going to cure my ill'. 
PuddyTat & Dish, these last weeks
PuddyTats diagnosis of her condition... 
I posted this photo before, will post it again as it was the last one
So sad, huge grief. The last 12 months or so has been a huge siege on my heart. Lost both my beautiful dogs, 'The Bunion' thing, and 'other', major, private issues.

And now, that chapter is closed......

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