Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jeff Gomez, Starlight Runner Entertainment, A Compelling Story

Hi, I bet you've been wondering where I have been hiding!? It feels like for years I have been hiding under a mushroom! Somehow the magic in that mushroom seems to have catapulted me, at warp speed, into some, 'other', weird galaxy. Like the 'Star Ship, Enterprise', at times, travelling so fast you can't see anything out of the window other than passing stars that are just a blur, and then, at other times, just floating..... at peace and pondering the space that you have arrived at. Sometimes this universe of mine does not feel real, more surreal in fact. (NOTE: after re reading this, it sounds like I have been indulging in the said Magic Mushrooms... I think I got carried away with all that creative thinking and was trying to explain a personal 'paradigm shift', Jeff being my 'agent of change')
My new Camelia! It just self seeded and this is the first flower. Nothing like the others in the garden at the Shackette in Margs.
Jeff Gomez, (that's @Jeff_Gomez don't forget the underscore), from Starlight Runner Entertainment..... as of last Friday, here in little old Perth, and after his masterclass on Transmedia Storytelling, has 60 new fans..... me, being one of them.
Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour this week
Wow! Awesome! We 60, sat transfixed for about 6 hours as Jeff took us, at warp speed, into some other universe. I have never seen so many people sit, with out fidgeting, so absorbed, for so long! Since Friday I have been down to Margaret River and back (to Fremantle) and sitting again, for another 6 hours in the car, driving, pondering, distilling the contents of that day with Jeff.
Margaret River Main Break, not a good day for surfing
I must also thank X Media Lab for running such a fabulous event. It was called, The 'Jeff Gomez "Creating Blockbuster Worlds" Masterclass : The Power of Transmedia Storytelling". The event was run like clock work, we had great chairs (nothing worse than a numb bum!); yummy, healthy things to eat, and a glass of wine to finish off the day to help my throbbing brain cells settle a little.
The Tribal Law 'plaque' @ Mainbreak, Margaret River, a little bit of archetypal messaging going on there.
The power of Jeff's own story threw me off on to many tangents of thought. A theme that was threaded through the day was one of 'the greater good', 'doing good' not 'evil'. Sounds corny in a way but Jeff is right, in that, it is what we humans, as a majority, strive to achieve, and, that is evident in the archetypes we have created in our collective unconscious.
My little lemon tree is very happily bearing yummy fruit. It was nearly dead when we met. Eddy and Val, Guilt Free Foody have taken over some of my garden plot and have planted garlic and onions, all organic. Congratulations on your new baby :)
I took myself off on a trip back to my childhood and looked at how my parents own stories had influenced my story. And, how,a conversation that Jeff had with Johnny Depp re his chosen persona in The Pirates Of The Carribean changed how he chose to interact with his daughter and then, hence, influencing her 'story'. It did 'bring home' to me how we do truly have a major role in creating our own realities. And, our own behaviour has consequences that affect those around us, just not in our homes but in the work we produce.
I can't believe I am actually getting these orchids to flower!! I am not a natural gardener, but so love seeing plants flourish and reward me with their flowers.
There was lots of technical.. 'how to' stuff in that day of course. And, I am not going to go into that as we were asked to be confidential and discretionary in broadcasting our experiences.
Love this photo, it was taken from the Jeff Gomez Masterclass venue @ ScreenWest in Perth City
But, what stood out for me was the way that Jeff managed to weave his storytelling into a day about storytelling for profit. How those intrinsic values can be bought together and used to produce a beautiful piece of work to be proud of.
One of my three Camelias @ The Shackette
It is a pleasure to meet someone who presents themselves in such an open manner. He hasn't covered up his heart with some convoluted mask. He shared his heart openly. He shared his discoveries, inventions and his world openly. What a gift to us! Thank you Jeff. I won't be forgetting that day for a long time.

'Never Surrender'

I love winter in Margaret River, it means I get to see my beautiful Camelias.

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  1. I was there too, trying desperately to write notes I could read later. Thanks to Jeff, I now fully understand the concept of Trans-media - valuable knowledge for a writer!
    Nice article, Cath.



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