Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hither Tither, Margaret River, Fremantle

I just had to add a 'note' to my last post about Jeff Gomez....

(NOTE: after re reading this, it sounds like I have been indulging in the said Magic Mushrooms... I think I got carried away with all that creative thinking and was trying to explain a personal 'paradigm shift', Jeff being my 'agent of change')
PuddyTat, in my office, chewing the bristles off a paint brush
I am sure everyone must have thought I had 'lost' it... I lost it a long time before that I reckon. And, for the record.... I don't drink and blog! I don't do drugs of any sort... you can't count hormone replacement, although I do think they count in the area of influencing behaviour (everyone has experienced the wrong side of a menopausal women, not a good experience). I love mushrooms (normal ones), and there are magic mushrooms growing in and around the Margaret River region, Im not even game to pick and cook the supposedly culinary variety.... worried about the 'death' factor. Red wine, as most readers would be aware is my substance of choice. Not a fan of Marijuana either. I just don't like the feeling of losing control. With wine, there is choice, you know what the consequences of another glass will be.
Winter is so beautiful down here in the South West
Gnarabup looking north to Main Break, still difficult walking without my furry companions by my side
Well, we have had some wild weather in the last couple of months, with more to come. I had one of the street trees blown over in my neighbours property after a Watercorp team came to repair a leaking water main. They, in their wisdom dug a big hole at the tree roots, left the hole open and the tree unsupported, and then the tree fell over and into it after a decent blow! I have to make sure they don't do the same to my verge trees as they are also planted over the top of the water main!
The fallen tree, you can see that the ones in front of my house would take out my fence and the front of the house!
The Shackette has being given some attention, the plumbers came back to fix a dodgy job on my new dishwasher installation. The bloke who did this job no longer works for the plumbing company as they take pride in their work.
The dodgy plumbing, that kinked pipe was installed new and shouldn't be used for that purpose.
My garden at The Shackette
Have just joined The Creative Corner (Creative Corner Facebook page), they are bringing together the 'creative types' in the area. They also did an amazing job of pulling together the Emergence Creative Festival, which I wrote about earlier this year (read here). There will be another, this coming February 19th - 21st, 2014.
Val & Ed, from Guilt Free Foodie planted the garlic and onions, had a baby and I haven't seen them since, I can't wait to meet the new  loving my lemon tree, saved it from the brink of death, so very proud of my efforts.
What an awesome AFL game it was last night between the Fremantle Dockers and the Sydney Swans. Its the best game I have ever watched. Well done. Fremantle is still celebrating, I can hear it from here.
Spring has sprung, the leaves are popping out of the oak tree, the blossom on the ornamental plum have snowed to the ground, the camellia's are nearly finished, but still giving me some lovely flowers for the vase, and the Acacia Cognata Limelight is still getting bigger.
Have been researching properties to purchase for a couple of friends. That has been very satisfying and interesting learning curve. Love using RPData.
My girlfriend and one of her horses
Isn't he adorable!
Has anyone used Airbnb? Their site offers live-in accommodation with a host, so you actually rent out a room in the house you live in, minimum of 2 nights. I am thinking of renting out one of the bedrooms at The Shackette in Margs. I am thinking $50 a night for one person and $30 a night extra for a couple. Will have to set that up, plus do a little blog site. Seems like a good idea. Love some feedback if anyone has had any experiences with them. Feel free to call me directly if you want to book. My mobile 0412 228 522. Might even do Fremantle, thinking $100 a night for 1 person or $150 for a couple.
The bedroom to rent @ The Shackette in Margaret River
The view out of the bedroom window, straight into the Macadamia tree
What else... ah... Feng shui, have Feng shui'd everything! Not sure if the cat is all that happy with the gonging of the singing bowl, and Im not that happy she is drinking the water out of well placed 'water bowl formula'! That has been alot of fun. I put wind chimes up... they won't chime unless it is blowing over 50 km's an hour! I employed the help of Carolyn McCallum Feng Shui Harmony
Yep, PuddyTat sure has attitude!
Considering topics for my next posts, an update on how the recovery of the bunion surgery has progressed is overdue. I was waiting for someone to take a few action shots of me riding a bike or mid walking stride in sand... but haven't been able to organise that. Also, as I have had some interest from people with foot fetishes, it has raised some questions in my mind. Wondering how best to tackle that! I also want to update where the best place might be to get your coffee, or wagyu burger or..... where we have been eating and what we have been up to. Till then...
A visit to Yelverton Protea Farm on Bussell Hwy
This 'bum nut' producer also seems to have a decent attitude! She was kicking around amongst the proteas at the farm
Hey Baby.... this is how to shake a tail feather! (listen to the clip)

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