Sunday, February 9, 2014

Varuna, Black Rocks Rd, Bremer Bay

Varuna, Black Rocks Rd, Bremer Bay, My accommodation! :)
Writers block! Someone recently asked me if I ever got 'writers block ', and I actually didn't think so... but here I am writing after too many months (3) of not.
View from the top bedroom
Buddha's Head, a very calming influence
 Writing, is to me, like talking, and I literally visualise that I am in fact talking to 'you' as I write. And 'you' have many faces, and 'you' actually talk back... It is not often that I run out of things to say.... but.. obviously it happened here.
Too funny, these beautiful Kangaroos hopped down the driveway, the little one on hopping lessons, she would hop and then have a little stagger, she tried to climb back into Mums pouch a couple of times, but Mum just pushed her away. Very cute.

I have tried to psychoanalyse myself to understand why I haven't wanted to write. What I am thinking, is that I had a cathartic moment. I felt it coming on as I was driving down there. I was alone... felt alone. Lonely actually. And, this house, as beautiful as it is, perched out there at the end of 'Black Rocks Rd' made me feel even lonelier. Looking from the outside, in.... interesting, for me.
Love this vase... looking from inside the house
Looking from the vase to the surfers below
As I lay in bed, I could hear the sea rumbling beneath me in caverns etched into the black volcanic rock, many eons ago. The jewelled stars lighting a moonless, midnight blue sky. The waves seemed happy to spend themselves on the rocks after such a long march across the Southern Ocean. There was no wind. But, I could hear the rustle of what I was figuring was a large spider. I thought he may be in the rush matting lining the ceiling above me. (The house built in the adobe style.) Probably a Huntsman. They actually are quite harmless, can bite if picked up, but wouldn't go out of their way. They are not poisonous. The thought of him there was oddly comforting.
'There was romance in the air!' I am amazed I got that shot.... sorry it's a cheap one :)
Harry the Huntsman spider finally popped up when I opened up the esky!
In the light of day, I wanted to walk down to a natural sea pool in the black rocks below, but, the old sandy paths had been overgrown by the coastal heath. I looked at old photos and even 'google earthed' the location to find the paths, but Im afraid the fear of anything bite'y may get me.. got me!
Doris the Dugite
Doris the Dugite slithered across the driveway you can see through this window
Down in this part of the country you have to be very mindful of snakes, like the dugite that crossed over the driveway whilst I was standing at the car, she slithered into the rock walled bin area (I never went back into there)!
He was a rather large kangaroo, snoozing in the shade at midday
A couple of kangaroos hopped out in front of me as I wandered down this bush track. I think this is where I may have picked up the ticks. Where there is kangaroos there are likely to be ticks.
 Ticks, another one people don't think about. I copped a couple of those, ended up taking myself off to Hospital when I got home to Fremantle, as I started to panic. Had self medicated with antihistamines, which worked. Luckily as the young doctor at the hospital was from another country, had no idea what a tick was and called it an insect (its an arachnid - spider family).
I love the artworks in this house, this gentleman took on many different moods. You can also see the reed matting on the ceiling.
There was a huge centipede in the bathroom! They bite, I dont think they kill you, but the bite is very painful - apparently. Also, in the bathroom and other cosy nook, there were lots of 'Daddy Longlegs' these are accompanied by the myth that they are the most poisonous spider in the world but cant kill you with a bite, as their mouth is too small.
Views from the house
Consequently I liberally sprayed insect spray... everywhere inside. But, bugger... it was before I realised the Huntsman may be there. I think I sentenced him to a long, slow death.
Their is lightening in those clouds.
Any way, apart from my dour moments... I loved it. So beautiful. Pristine beaches, white squeaky sand, crystal clear water that was a tad cold for me. Blue, blue, blue big open skies. Fast moving clouds, high clouds, low hang down to the water clouds, storm and bolt lightening all over you clouds. The sea was an entity unto itself, it had a presence. I felt I could feel the spirits of the sea creatures talking to a disconnected part of me, I could feel my 'being' honing in on the signal... I know, your thinking I am definitely taking something mind altering. I can assure you (apart from the wine) I was not. This place was freaking me out a bit. But I loved it.
This beach looks across the water to the house, which you might be able to make out if you 'click to enlarge'. As you can see, it's very isolated.
Ian's birthday party was really lovely, family, friends, just lovely. Bush setting, tables groaning with delicious foods, native flowers, sea shells and candles. (Ian had organised the local fire truck which was 'at the ready' 'just in case'!)
The little boat harbour of Bremer Bay
Where I took the above photo from, I turned around and saw this beautiful green parrot, I think called a Rock Parrot (makes sense!?) that was so well cammoflaged, although sitting in full view?!
There was an apre's birthday party dinner, at Ian's mates place, everyone made a curry and we watched the video of the Bremer Canyon and the Great White Shark Documentary by David Riggs, Leighton De Barros, & the ABC (very topical right here right now in Western Australia). This is a promo produced by the ABC which you might find interesting (click on the link.... )
Selfie, looking more feral every day :)

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