Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bunions, New Xrays, 2 Years and 1 Month

Good Morning, yep it's still morning :)

Well, had my new xrays taken last Friday. I have been holding my breath. Whilst I am wanting to have the utmost faith that all will be good and I will not suffer my Grandmama Madeleine's fate, of having the operation not be successful and the feet revert back to bunion status. I can't help but hold that scenario in my mind as a worst case for me. One has to be prepared.
Xrays, 1st August, 2014
But.... Yahoo..... so far so good! The xrays are fabulous. I am so relieved. My feet feel strong, although a little 'creaky' when I first get out of bed... but hey, so does the rest of my body.
This where I get my Xrays in Margs, the xray should be 'load bearing', meaning I should have my full weight on my feet, but its very hard with this machine to do that.
I have been doing a bit of gardening and can feel that has had a stressful effect on my feet. And I have been pushing it with the walking, adding more distance and more speed.
I saw these charts in the xray rooms, illustrates the ligaments quite well.
Dr Wu would most likely laugh at my hesitation of stressing my feet, and of my fear (I assume). He has a better sense of what feet can do. But I have lived with the thought of being crippled by feet that don't work! And, endured the entire ordeal.

I read a great book a long time ago, which for the life of me I can't remember the name of, but it was a compilation of stories about shipwreck victims. And, a common cause of their eventual demise (if they were not rescued) was that their feet would let them down. When washed ashore, they were either forced to eat their shoes, or their shoes were destroyed, they then had to hunt for food. Not an easy task when you think about it. The feet got cut on reefs, rocks, bushes, they were bitten by insects, snakes, animals (or worse.... when eating their own toenails they got a bit excited and bit off a bit more than they should have.... sorry, true but my sick sense of humour... should have left that bit out)! The feet eventually got infected and..... you can imagine what comes next. Down they went. Unable to walk or run, they could not hunt or forage to feed themselves.  That story has stuck in my mind, and I just keep thinking of how I would survive without the use of my feet!
The vege patch, I am starting to get ready for spring. The last seedlings I planted were eaten by the rabbits! And the Quenda and the slater and slugs.... hence the new fence. The old one nearly killed me when I stepped over it, the hem on my pants caught on the wire and I went flying... that happened twice after the operation and I then took the fence down.
In this day and age we are so lucky. I suppose I could have prosthetics crafted like Oscar Pistorios. And, actually I hadn't thought of that until just then. It is a viable option. That thought is uplifting. So, we have choices.
Miss Paris helping with the garden
And, thank you God, I seem to have made the right one. I think after two years, if there was going to be a reversion we would start being able to see some sign of it. Apparently there is no arthritis in there according to the radiographer. Thank you God again!
I love this lemon tree, I have bought it back from near death and the lemons are divine.
Re: people eating their own shoes to survive....  I found this story of the.... Lady Franklin Bay Expedition, written by Cristina Rouvalis for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. It was one of the 'nicer' stories written about that kind of survival. Don't read it if your squeamish.
The garden is starting to look good again. I have friends, 'Mark & Jeanette' and Mark, who I will introduce on another day helps me with the garden and with practical, fixit type things. He is terribly over skilled being a shipwright, but my gain :)

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