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The things I 'LOVE' about Margaret River and want to share with you (the 'WE' is myself and my friends). Much prefer to reward those things that are fab and bypass those that aren't. It makes it difficult when people visit the website and are looking for recommendations. If 'it' isn't here yet, it could mean we simply haven't got there yet. Please send us your recommendations and we will head out and check them out and then write about it. We do this for fun. We don't do this for profit and buy everything we try.
Catherine (Cath) Powell
Fremantle WA Australia

About 7 years ago, I bought the little Shack'ette in the Margaret River township. So gorgeous, it came with rabbits and Quenda's (short nosed bandicoots), black skinks, blue tongue lizards, possums and so many beautiful birds. The garden kept me very busy and the vege patch produced more than would feed a family of 5.

I Love cooking (don't have the time), love gardening (don't have the time), love stand up paddle boarding, love walking, swimming, surfing, socialising, shopping, wining, dining, love art, love design (I don't seem to have enough time for any of them).

When I started this blog, I had Peri & Dish my beautiful Miniature Schnauzers. Sadly they are now in Doggy Heaven.

Since then I have acquired a Ragdoll cat called PuddyTat (aka Madam Lash), she is sooo not a cuddly, loving, floppy cat. Something went wrong. But she is very beautiful, and occasionally she will allow me to pat her, it's at her command of course. So it's 'look... but don't touch'!
A year later I was given a male, Birman cat whom I called Master Ted! He is 'Jack The Lad', an adolescent young male. He is sooo gorgeous. Full of cuddles, loving and talking. Goodness knows where he sleeps during his day time naps... but when he walks back in the door, he is a white, fluffy, walking ball of dust and leaves.

When I was given Ted, I decided to take the plunge and buy myself another dog. So I now have Miss Paris. The breeder called her 'Paris By Night'! I envisage black fishnet stockings and patent black high heel shoes... maybe a red bustier! Well actually, she is 3 kilos of big dog. Ah but with big ears! She is a Papillon and a mighty beautiful dog she is. She and Ted are so close and so funny to watch together.

Ok, by now, you may have noticed the word 'Fremantle'! I am not sure if it is a momentary abberation whilst I get to doing a couple of chores in the big smoke..... or will the big smoke lure me back? Just before Christmas, I decided that I would like a change of scene. I had work to do in Perth, so I sold my gorgeous little cottage and moved back to Fremantle. Now.... I didn't get any discounts and no I didnt even get a bottle of champers when he sold the house, but I can highly recommend Mitch Thorson from Mack Hall Margaret River.

All I can say is that you can take Cath out of Margaret River, but I feel you can't take the Margaret River out of Cath! Im going back to the drawing board... doing my chores in Perth and then will make my plans. I do not want to give up Margs or this blog.... so I will continue writing about my discoveries in the South West and keep all updated about info re the bunions.

A bit of history:

 I previously built, a building in Fremantle, sold all except the penthouse. The apartment at '68 Marine' is one of 3 residential and 2 commercial. I was the sole developer of the building, contracting David Hartree, Hartree + Associates Architects to design and project manage. A key asset was Peter Clack, Quantity Surveyor, also on the project management team with myself and Lee Polmear from Hartree's #2 key asset (3 chiefs looking for indians). Hartree + Associates won an award for Multiple Residential with the RAIA WA Chapter. It was a rewarding project and we had a lot of fun.

I still:

Love the Wide World of the Web, and this, Margaret River Correspondent, started as a hobby. A great excuse also, to get out and about, and exploring. I do love writing. And, also to learn about the mechanics involved in websites.

Have decided that I don't want to use a 'nom de plume', figure that I'm 'old enough and ugly enough' to handle myself (I hope). Have given my friends pseudonyms as I'm the responsible one (only sometimes) and need to protect those I love. We will be sharing all the good things we have discovered about Margaret River. We want to have some fun and adventures, but in the most appropriate sense. Life is to enjoy, we invite you to join us and to get out there and play, surf, walk, ride, explore, communicate, learn, wine, dine.......

Participating Puppy Dogs

Peri & Dish, Miniature Schnauzers, they were my beautiful babies and contributed greatly to this website. Now watching over us from Doggie Heaven. Very sadly missed.

Paris (By Night)
Ned, Flat Coat Retriever


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