Do & See

Gosh, 'Where to start'.......

Go running, skipping, jumping......  surfn, golfing, cycling, caving, wining, dining, shopping, there is so much,,,

Helicopter Tours
Wild Blue Helicopters  not the budget way to get around, but definitely worth the wow factor

Cooking Classes
Wildwood Cooking Classes

Surfing and Standup Paddle Classes
Stand Up Paddle Surfing Margaret River
Josh Palmateers Surf Academy

Bike Riding
Dirty Detours
Margaret River Cycle Club
Margaret River Cycle & Repairs

Margaret River Discovery Co.
Wine For Dudes

Apart from our beautiful wines, Margaret River is world renown for the surf
Tourist Bureau's are a fabulous start; where to stay, what to do and how to go about booking, what events are happening and coming up, how to get from A to B.

The Augusta, Margaret River Tourism Association (AMRTA)

The Geographe Bay Tourism Association, Busselton, Dunsborough
Stand Up Paddle Boarding, these guys have joined a SUP school
Winter Walking

Margaret River Discovery Company, Wine & Scenic Tours

May I suggest checking this company out! I haven't actually had any personal experiences with them, but I am impressed with how they are presented and I think they would definitely be worth giving a go.

Dirty Detours, Mountain Bike Adventures

I had friends that did this and loved it. I think they did the single day tour for 'fit buggers and masochists'. I would be more likely to do the 'Sip & Cycle' (sorry, I'm a tragic!) but saying that, the Boranup Forest Tour would be fabulous.

Craig's Favourite Thing To Do: Paraglyding

Check it out, Sid's mates, Craig and Andrew, love to fly the sky's. This Youtube vid is of Craig cruising over the beaches. Makes me a woozy just looking at it. But there are some fabbo shots of the Main Break and the river. I think there is moment there where he swoops in on unsuspecting sunbather. Looks like a beautiful day as well. There isn't any music, so choose your own and enjoy. Thanks Craig.
Click here to see a video of Craig Paraglyding over the beach's of Margaret River

Ride the Rails to Trails Track
My top ten:
  • Playing with the dogs on the beach
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding
  • Walking through the bush
  • Photography, hunting down beautiful pics with the camera
  • Sampling the regions produce, there is not only wine & beer, but also chocolate, cheese, meat products
  • Enjoying the delicious food at the restaurants & cafes, the coffee is very good down here also.
  • I love going to Cooking Classes, try Wildwood Valley Cooking Classes
  • Diving into champagne, pristine water and swimming underwater with my eyes open for as long as I can hold my breath
  • Experiencing the changes of season, love the crisp mornings and the storms in winter, and being toasty warm on the beach after a delish swim in summer
  • Wandering around my permaculture garden and watching my vege's growing 
A little bit of weed in the water after some stormy weather, but that bought some beautiful wind for the Kite and Wind Surfers

Margaret River and her environs are truly beautiful. The whole 'Cape to Cape' area has the most beautiful expansive views of ocean, vineyards and landscapes.

The Boronup Forest

Go check out the Boranup Forest, a biggy for me, south of Margaret River and on Caves Road.

I love this place. It's a spiritual experience with the trees. An amazing feeling being amongst those beautiful trees. I walk into the forest, take my shoes off, to ground myself, press my ear and cheek to the trunk of the tall Karri and breath in the 'bliss'! Magic.
Borounup Forest


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