Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spring Has Sprung In Margaret River

OMG! I have only been in Perth for, not even a week, and driving home was full of wonder with the changes of spring. All the flowers are coming into bloom. The pastures were carpeted with yellow daisies. My neighbour's huge Paulonia trees are just one mass of fragrant, white flowers. I am overjoyed wandering around my own garden, there are leaves on the Oak and Birch, the Ornamental Cherry has just started to pop out with its pink blossoms. The Macadamia trees are super happy for the soil improving and are producing masses of their long tendril flowers.

If your coming down, and you suffer from hayfever, bring your Telfast.

The weather is surprisingly mild. Cool at night. When I arrived yesterday, it was warm and balmy. Apparently the markets were celebrating its 10th anniversary. There was lots of activity, the drums from the musical troop were giving my doggies the shakes, but they sounded fab. I would have loved to gone, but decided to pop a beer and check out the garden in the sun. Bliss.

Can't wait to head out to the beach.
The Vege Garden

More of the Vege Garden
The Macadamia Tree

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  1. Am very envious of your vege patch - is it the idyllic Margaret River climate that does it?!



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