Saturday, November 26, 2011

Margaret River Fires 26th of November 2011

Hiya, Just checking in. Arrived back to the shack in Marg's this afternoon. Dropped the dogs off in the yard, and headed off to check out Noofi's house in the bush. The evacuation barricade was gone and her house was still standing, untouched. Phew! Driving home I could see plumes of smoke rising from the coast. The fires or prescribed burn offs, must be between Caves Road and the sea. Whilst the temperature has dropped to about 21 degrees C, and the sky was blue, and there was a nice fresh breeze, these fires are still menacing, and I am wondering how our poor fire'ys are coping.

The fire has been downgraded to a Watch & Act, check out the Fesa Alert published at 3pm today, and there appears to be a community meeting tomorrow. So I assume more news then.

I just have to add that I am so in awe of people like Madge, her husband and other amazing people in the community, working tirelessly to help people. Thank you, is not enough. (I have told Madge before....."sorry Madge... no tongue'ys! (can't believe I put that out there! still must maintain a sense of humour, what!:)))
Life goes on for Dish, waiting for the wabbits just now.

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