Monday, November 28, 2011

Margaret River Fires 28th November 2011

The heath directly behind Margaret River Main Break, 27th Nov 2011
Looking back from Margaret River Main Break to Gnarabup, you can see the fire affected sand dunes and smoke in the distance, the White Elephant Cafe preserved.
I drove down to 'Main Break' yesterday afternoon, my heart was beating in my chest to see so many homes and our beautiful landscape devastated. You can click on these photos to enlarge them. None of them are locked. I didn't take any photo's of the residential area out of respect. There are houses completely razed to the ground and houses that have had the fire run straight to their front door and has not entered. Very surreal.

There are some amazing stories to hear. Check out this story from the ABC about Peter fighting the fire with his scuba gear on! 

The lads (pic below) saddling up for a wind surf here, had close calls with the fire and in their words "foaming at the mouth" to get into that water. The healing quality of the sea will be called upon to heal many wounds and wash away that smell of smoke.
Lads, having had a narrow miss with the fires, head out to the healing sea, Margaret River Main Break, 27th Nov 2011
The Margaret River, River Mouth, the heath razed to the sand, 27th Nov 2011
Donations for the Victims of the Margaret River Fires

I have listed a couple of links to places to donate;
For humans: The Lord Mayor's Distress Relief Fund
For Animals: FAWNA
Margaret River Main Break, a lonely windsurfer, 27th Nov 2011

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