Sunday, January 8, 2012


Well, there is no simple way to launch myself into this post.....

It's about ya body..... and I wish I could take a photo of myself right now.... think 'couch potato'!

It's 6pm, I have had a stressful week, and have spent the whole day (shock horror) in my dressing gown. I have had a couple of glasses of wine, and a couple of sausages! :)

All the while researching some body health products.

A friend of mine has been using the 'Body Trim System' (their website here). Now, this system is actually really good. I have watched my friend and the mates he has enlisted into this system, (only because this system really works for him). I haven't been paid a penny to promote this or Dr Rensburg's system, I have been working on my health for a long time and I think both these guys have it right. I recommend, if your into it and need to lose a little or a lot of Christmas cheer, give them a go.

I will be embarking on the Body Trim System ~ tomorrow.......

Rensburg's approach is very pragmatic. He is a doctor that is located in Perth. Recommended to me by my Chiropractor. He does work with weight loss and hormones. Yes, I am, at that time of my life...! Anyway, he is extremely pragmatic, and I have actually seen and heard of some of the results from his system. I use his approach and love his pragmatism. (his website here) I have personally (at no discount) bought over 10 copies of his book for friends and family, that is a definite recommendation.

Will let you know how I go, I'm about 66kgs at mo.  Madam below is about 10kgs. I think I need to lose at least one shnauzer's worth of weight (not one schnauzer!)
Here is one Baby, whose Mother, needs to lose her belly!

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