Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heatwave, No Really, Major Heatwave

I love Fremantle, but Im out of here. Margaret River is, or can be at least 5 degrees C less than Perth. Global warming seems to have made Marg's a bit warmer in winter (or it could be my reverse cycle aircon). But summer, in a situation like this one in Perth, a whole week of 39ers. That is HOT! This is hot!

Also, twice in a couple of weeks I have been stung by jelly fish, once on the leg, ouchy ouchy, and today on the wrist, even more ouchy. I haven't met one stinger in the sea at Marg's, yet. They don't really like that 'on shore' sea movement, I think. I love you Fremantle, but..... the deep blue (cool) calls.
South Beach Doggie Beach, Fremantle - Heaven!
Prevally, Margaret River, Heaven!
Hard to choose between Heavens. And, the whole of the Australian coast is pretty much like this. We 'do' live in Heaven's! I know I'm a Princess and I'm passionate, but you can't deny that this country is just 'amazing'! Happy Australia Day for Thursday everyone, I love ewes all! (sorry Mum)
Prevally, Gnarabup @ Margaret River

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