Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Margaret River Correspondent Gone AWOL & Moonlighting

Have gone AWOL Margaret River. Have moved, temporarily, into The Esplanade Apartment in Fremantle. That's my short stay apartment. I must say it is gorgeous. Has the best views of the fishing boat harbour and out to sea, and the islands. This morning, I saw a reflection of the sea in the glass as I was making a cuppa, it looked like the wind had whipped up some 'white capped wavelets' and I thought it was strange that the 'Freo Doctor' (the sea breeze) was in already, but when I turned around, I realised, it was actually a mass of sea gulls. That could mean bad weather a comin, but the forecast doesn't suggest it.
View from The Esplanade Apartment, over the Sardine Jetty & the Fishing Boat Harbour 
Having a weird deja vu experience filling in for my Dad's receptionist. (My 12 year old niece has been helping as well whilst she has been on holidays, she's doing a ripper job). And, the weird experience has been, in the bringing up of old memories. Dad used to get me to help him when I was on school holidays. He had an office in Perth, in St Georges Tce. I remember his office girl, Jackie, a tall, lanky, red haired lass from Queensland. We became friends and she would let me drive her Valient, which had a gear stick in the steering column, not the easiest car to drive. Haven't seen one of those for ages. We used to make our own version of a cappuccino for Dad, by grinding the sugar with the instant coffee and a little milk before pouring the boiling water in. Funny things you remember. I also remember that St Georges Tce was an absolute wind tunnel. At least it was cool in the middle of a sweltering summer.
I love it!
With all this driving I have been doing, my, pass the time, keep me sane, project, apart from playing 'eye spy' with myself,,, is trying to discern, what are my favourite, drive, sing to, songs. One I have chosen and would like to share, is a Tim & Neil Finn cover by Boy and Bear - Fall At Your Feet (listen here). Check it out. I reckon it's a ripper.

Ah, the New Year Diet Project. Put on a kilo and lost 2! That makes it 1 kilo lost! Only another 6 to go :) Have just joined the '1 Million Kilo Challenge', looks interesting. I like the idea of it being a 10 week challenge. It all helps.
The Fishing Boats in the Fishing Boat Harbour, Fremantle, taken from the Little Creatures Loft Bar
Also, I have been lucky enough to be included into a online, storytelling community called Cowbird. It is very interesting, check it out at I am to write a piece for it, but as usual am doing a little freak out first. It is a little intimidating to write for a greater audience and, to be part of a community of such amazing authors. Oh well, you can only start at the beginning!

As I will be in Fremantle for a little bit, I am going to be posting from there. I love Fremantle also, and would like to share it with you.
Fremantle Town Hall
I have already managed to get to a couple of my favourite places. My girlfriend 'Mary Q' and I couldn't resist ordering the Scallopini Masala with a side of Spaghetti Bolognese + Salad at the Capri. Yum! Finished off with a scoop of Raspberry and a scoop of Bacci Gelati down the road! The Capri has been in South Tce, Fremantle for as long as I can remember. It is still run by the same family, and is consistantly fab, serving earnest Italian meals.
A Swimmer at the South Beach Doggie Beach, Fremantle
Lunch yesterday was with another girlfriend, Fi, at Tasty's, also in South Tce, but South Fremantle. I am addicted to the Veal Parmigiana with Salad and a side of fresh chillies in olive oil. Oh, and a glass of wine! My brother and I voted it the best Veal Parmigiana in Fremantle.

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