Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Resolutions

I know it's taken me ages to think this through, and I have been reluctant to put pen to paper, or as it were, fingers to the keyboard, but the start to New Year is a time for reflecting on the past and thinking of the year to come.

My New Year resolve is currently being heralded with some amazing lightning and thunder. Im sitting in my little lounge, 11am, curtains closed to keep out the scary flashes of lightning and soften the sound of the thunder that I can feel with my feet on the floor. Both the dogs are panting and shaking, and I, ostensibly, am just here to calm them. I see all this as a sign. As I am making decisions that will change my future.
Peri, not convinced the storm has past, Jan 2012
Last year was a trial for everyone and on so many levels. For me, many changes, dispersed energies, got hammered physically by doing my back in, and then copped whooping cough. A few highs and a few lows. We had a few baddies, like Osama, Gaddafi and Berlusconi being dragged off the world stage kicking and screaming. Julia helming a leaky ship in heavy weather. Watching the global financial marbles tossed into the air, still watching, still waiting for them to fall back to earth. The uncertainty.

So, what is going to happen this year? Did I hear people talking about the end of the world as we know it, something to do with the Mayan calendar? Is it going to hurt? Is there anyone else that is needed to be dragged off the world stage for being 'orrible? Where are those marbles going to fall and what impact will have on us?
My feet, Jan 2012 (not that you really wanted to see my feet, Im showing you anyway:)
I resolved to:
Try Dr Wu's Bunion Surgery in Hong Kong, maybe after summer
Get the retic fixed - properly, asap
'Settle Petal', less driving, more meditation and surfing
Write up more information for Margaret River Correspondent
Oh, try and cut down on the wine and lose weight
The storm has past. The birds are singing loudly and the dogs are snoozing after their exhausting ordeal.

My analogy for this year, is, a little like Forrest Gump and his box of chocolates. I see a jigsaw puzzle in progress, sometimes you think you have the right pieces in there, it may kinda work for a while and hard to tell what is going on close up, but, it doesn't quite look right as you try to look at it from a distance and it is not until you pull a piece out that you can put the right one in!

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