Friday, December 30, 2011

Amanda's Challenge Madge #4

This is Madge's 4th response to Amanda Kendle's Challenge, which is '10 things people don't know about us'. It has been challenging, Im sure Madge would agree. But, the good thing about this, is, that Madge and I are re discovering our childhood friendship. It has been very lovely. We have been very adult and are blaming everyone else for any of our past issues, I think my Dad is copping it at the moment. Sorry Dad. I'm sure he will offer up his strong shoulders for the cause. Any way, this is Madge's 4th response:

'Will have to check which challenge # I am up to....
Lets see: great friend; modelling career; hairdresser who told me I was pregnant: must be number 4.

Well one other thing that people wouldn't know about me is that I was a really good swimmer in my younger days. My friend Cath and I used to go to Beatty Park most mornings before school (6am) and we would train our little arms and legs off in that bitterly cold pool; with the overwhelming loud voice of our swimming coach, pushing (he would say "motivating") us along.

I loved to do breast-stroke (not that is paid off in the body department) and as a reward for my hard training I 'ACTUALLY' beat Cath at an inter-school swimming carnival.  You know how sports people run to the stadium and hug and high 5 their family and friends....well I think I did that. I only beat her by a few seconds, but the moment is still etched in my brain...She was unbeatable and a force to be reckoned with in the pool....but I did it...yeah.

Cath will say she doesn't remember....but I do.!!!!
Madge...# 4'

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