Monday, February 27, 2012

New Year Diet Project, Monday Weigh In, 27th Feb, 2011

Good Morning,

I think! 64.1kgs! I was dreading jumping on the scales this morning, knowing I had put some weight on!

What went wrong? It was a very social week, too many drinks for a start. I also found that I didn't have access to the right food when I needed it. A little bread roll here and there, a bit of rice, and the next thing I know I was actually starting to crave other things that were not good, ice cream etc.

Oh well, another week/day, another opportunity to start again. In effect I put on 1.3kgs, and whilst it doesn't seem like much, if you held that amount of butter in your hands, you would be surprised.

I also noticed that one of my fellow bloggers (who is quietly taking part in our weight loss project) mentioned wiping the chocolate off her fingers before writing up her newsletter! After weeks of dieting, I think it is easy to get bored. I will admit to that. Also, I was feeling unsettled, and that doesn't help. Back to it....

A big day today, the dogs are going to get clipped. I think I need to get to the doctors, have had a sharp pain on the left hand side of my chest since lunch time yesterday, hurts to breath deeply. Apparently I am quite fit, so not that worried about it, but, when I woke up this morning, I was hoping it would have gone away. The plasterers are supposed to be coming to check out my ceiling, hopefully to take the acroprop away and fix it. Not looking forward to that, very messy. And, lots more of my favourite office work (not).

Wishing everyone a wonderful day. 

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