Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ploddin Along, Singin A Song

I'm starting to get in the groove! It takes a while to settle sometimes. This week is nice and mellow. Nice.
Sebbes Rd, Forest Grove, a very bumpy road
Met one of my neighbours, he put his business card in my letter box, it turns out he is a horticulturist. And, so he has been giving me a hand with the gardening. Any way, it also turns out, that he grew up not more than 20 houses away from where I grew up in City Beach. And, age wise, we are only a month apart!!!! We went to different schools and I have never seen him!! You would think. But, he knew some of the lads that I knocked around with. Crazy. So we are neighbours again.
Every Day Potted Plants Nursery
If anyone is wanting some one for the garden give Colin a call;
Cape Gardens, Colin Thomas 0428 353 372

Caught up with the girlfriend (no, Im not gay) for a lovely glass of wine at Wino's yesterday. I quite like it there. Haven't eaten there since last year, but recent reports are good. The wine was from the Barossa.
Earlier in the day, Colin took me out to a nursery south of Witchcliffe, Forest Grove, in the ute. I love plants, he was shopping for another job, but I had a chance to get an idea for a hedge I want to plant. Looking at either a Hawthorn, Viburnum, or I saw a lovely Orange Jasmine. It's worth the drive out, in the bush, really well done, a couple of country dogs, heaps of kangaroos by the track, the little shacks are really rustic, I wish I had my big camera. All of these are from the Iphone. The corrugation in the road was so bad, one shot looks almost 3D from the car vibration.
A lovely old bloke, a bit wobbly on the pegs,  still putting out a decent bark, note the iron art work behind
Every Day Potted Plants Nursery
More art work, some is for sale, I love this flower
There is another nursery on Sebbes Rd as well. It's called Nuralingup Gardens Nursery. I went there last year. Ended up chatting to the lady there and it turns out that her sister previously 
owned my house in Margaret River, and she was the one that planted my beautiful Camelias!!! That's a lovely little nursery to include in your visit down Sebbes Rd.

Easter is coming, I just received my first Chocolate Easter Bunny. (not good for the diet!) (But  yumm!)

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