Monday, April 2, 2012

The New Year Diet Project, Monday Weigh In, 2nd of April, 2012

Good Morning,

65kgs this mornin, phew! Halted the upward trend and am heading back down. Exercise the key. Also, have been calorie counting. That helps also.

The smoothy has changed and stripped back. Baby spinach leaves, 1 cup of almond milk, a cup of water, a tbspn of Samudra's Spirit Warrior Youth Elixir containing the worlds top superfoods: algaes, veges, tonic herbs, adaptogenic roots, berries, sea vege's and seeds! It packs a punch; a tbspn of Maca (I'm addicted to this, love it) and a scoop of the Life Extension, Creatine, Glutamine and Whey mix.

Have been taking the supplements religiously. And exercising religiously. Well, at least I feel fantastic! Now I am living in fear of Easter and the chocolate that merrily finds its way into the house.

Margaret River this morning is just beautiful. I had a couple of lovely days in Fremantle, arrived home yesterday arvo. It was super windy, leaves flying everywhere. This morning, no wind it seems in town, but looking at the current reports, the wind on the coast is coming in almost due West, Cape Leeuwin 22 knots, Cape Naturalist 24 knots and Witchcliffe (inland and just south of Margs) 11 knots. The conditions are amazingly different from the coast to here in town, and it's only a short drive. I have noticed 5 degrees difference in temp and it would only be a 7 minute drive. Its 20C in town at mo, we are expecting 24C. I awoke to rain on my tin roof, lovely. It's a beautiful morning light, the birds are chirping and there are little pretty rain drops on the foliage.
South Beach Doggie Beach, the walk behind the beach
Fremantle was a lot of fun. Stayed with my girlfriend, nick named Mary Q. It was only a few days, but I managed to pack in a bit of shopping, which was one of the reasons I wanted to go. I love David Jones in Perth City. I could have bought some of these things online, but it's not the same. Mind you, I think the Global Economic Crisis fallout is evident in the staff that have been employed. So consequently, I actually had no one to serve me at some counters! Very unsatisfying.
Enex 100 food court, very good
I like the fact that the choice of lunch venues has increased, I chose to have lunch in the food court of the Enex100 shopping centre off the Hay St Mall. I was very happy to have a very healthy Thai Chicken Salad. It was yummy. Everything looked delicious. Traditionally I like to have Oysters Kilpatrick and a glass of champagne in the David Jones food hall. I remember taking my 90 year old Grandmother for the same in the Sydney, David Jones. She happily accepted a second glass of wine (free - she couldn't resist), any way, it was not such a good idea, as she ended up a bit tipsy, and I had to keep propping her up against a post whilst I went to a counter to buy something. So funny. Even harder to get her on the bus back to Circular Quay.
Aubergines breaky, YUM!
Must admit breakfast at Aubergines in South Fremantle, have been consistently fabulous. Mary Q like to have the potato cakes with poached eggs, hollandaise and smoked salmon. I have my usual, 2 poached eggs, no toast with a little olive oil on the side. 2 latte's, one on hold. I have the coffee with the most froth (as the lass called it 'head') and Mary Q, gets my sugar. It is a little morning ritual that follows a walk down the beach with the dogs. "But, (we say) 'We' are not gay!" (and, there is nothing wrong with that, just that we must look like we are)
Aubergines, South Terrace, South Fremantle
Also had a funny night with 'the girls' & Steve. I am impressed, not many blokes could handle it, but he has a great sense of humour and managed not to pass out from an overdose of estrogen. We went to Ruoccos in South Fremantle. Mary Q and I often go there for a Spaghetti Bolognese, as we did the night before. But, things could have been better. Never the less, the evening carried on for 3 of us at home. Not sure what time we decided to call it quits, but I do know, it was awfully dark and found myself wandering around, doing a kind action that was akin to swimming in the air, looking for the dangle down, light switch. I was worried that our other friend may not find her way in the dark, and thought I had best leave a light on. Well, I massacred my toe on the gas connector! So painful, I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry. Lots of blood and excruciating pain! Hilarious. Toe is heaps better, thank God, I thought I had broken it. Any way, it was a lovely weekend. Nice and cruisy.
Memories of Cottesloe
I think my favourite restaurant in Perth would be Il Lido, overlooking Cottesloe Beach. Was good to catch up with another girlfriend over lunch. We seem to gravitate back to Il Lido, they serve up yummy nosh and the wine list is good and interesting. The casual, quirky ambience is more my style.

Good to be home, have heaps to do before the ceiling guy arrives in a couple of weeks. They are going to totally replace the ceiling in the kitchen, the main bedroom and the bathroom. Its going to be a big mess. And, I have to start moving every thing out of those rooms now. 'No mean feat'! It is a small shack that already is chock a block full of 'stuff'. I also have to tape up all the cupboards and the air conditioners. Its the start of the month. Time to pay the bills and do some bookwork. I have also put my hand up to look after a couple of doggies, so we are looking forward to that this afternoon. Will be redoing the entire retic system for the garden in the next couple of weeks. And, I am so excited, I am planning to have a garage built. And, it's Easter. Lots on. All good.

A Note About Maca Powder
Just found this article about Maca, very interesting, remember I said that I am addicted to it, and luv it, it may not luv me!
But this article almost says the opposite
I think I will experiment a bit.

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