Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's Easter In Margaret River

Well, I've already eaten my Easter egg! Days ago, I thought I could control myself and only eat the bunny ears for desert after my Beef Shin, Kale Soup. I couldn't stop at the ears..... the rest is history.. it was a lovely bunny.
Driving through the Peppermint trees @ Every Day Potted Plants
Tried Mike's - Garlic & Roses, smoked garlic last night. It wasn't what I expected. And, I wasn't sure what to do as I haven't done any research. I pulled it out of the little brown paper bag that Mike handed to me. The garlic skin was papery and a beautiful burnished brown. The garlic cloves some soft, some chewy, a little smokey. Yummy. My friend suggested we grind the garlic in a mortal and pestle with some Maldon sea salt, a ha,,, very good, I then made a fig balsamic, olive oil dressing. The balsamic was not the usual product that I normally use and I had to use some lemon juice to cut its sweetness. But never the less it was still delicious. That just went over a simple salad and baked salmon.
A toothy yawn from the nursery's newest addition
The nursery's oldest, still doing his best at guarding, although these days for his comfy mat
You know winter is on its way when the Ugg boots and the fluffy dressing gown are pulled out of the cupboard. Tip of the season, always check your hibernating boots for spiders before pulling them over your tootsies. Its only a fear of mine, I haven't had a close encounter with any eight legged critters in my boots - yet!
Check out this Acacia Cognata! @ Every Day Potted Plants
Headed back down to Everyday Potted Plant Nursery today. I love that place, so quirky but ordered, I think they have a great range. We walked away with a mass of native plants, they are to form a hedge and provide habitat for the little birds.
Revive, my Sesame Burger being lovingly made
I also have to recommend the health food shop in town, Revive, had a really delish sesame burger. They also sell some beautiful cakes. Worth a visit. I noticed that others had discovered this little secret. A customer also recommended Blue Ginger for a good vege burger. Last weekend I met my brother and his family in Cowaramup at La Vaca Loca, part of the Noble Grape Guest House, located just behind the main street. Cath and I had an amazing Grilled Haloumi Salad, Bro and the girls a mushroom fettucine and Tob's had what he said was a very yummy Lentil Burger. 
Revive Health Food Shop
The next couple of weeks are 'chock a block' with events in Margaret River. There is a sensational 'long table lunch @ Leeuwin Estate', sold out, I will be waiting for some feed back. Sounds like fun. Check out more events at

This Saturday is big at the Community Centre, the Farmers Markets AND the Hand Made Markets are on, one after the other. Looking forward to it.

Happy Easter everyone... I wish you lots of love, chocolate & hot cross buns.
This is a 'before' photo, the lawn mowing, and a digging out of the rubber I have found under the vege patch, are only a couple of jobs on the weekends list!

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