Thursday, May 17, 2012

Absent With Out Leave

Brrrr... a wet, chilly morning in Margaret River, lovely. The birds are excited and happy, the trees full of ripening olives, macadamias and mandarins. My Acanthus are all popping up after a very dry summer.
Woodman Point, Munster. A popular spot for kite boarding
Tom Wenman, the plumber (part time prospector and author, more about our Tom later) is engaged in a list of works which included plumbing up my kitchen sink. Two 900mm x 900mm soak wells have to go in the drive way to take the water from the roof. Getting ready to have a dishwasher installed. Also going to make it so I can have an outdoor hot/cold shower outside under the macadamia tree. We are going to design it so there is a flexible hose that runs up the tree and the big 'rain' shower head is hung from the branches. I think I will put some decking and a bench under it as well. The tree will love that water.
Tasty Express @ B Shed Wharf, Fremantle
Tasty Express @ B Shed Wharf, Fremantle
Fremantle Wharf. My Grandfather used to work the beat on these wharves as a policeman
Fremantle Wharf
I had a fabulous week in Fremantle, Northam and Perth. The Hot Air Ballooning was so good. I seriously recommend it. Mothers Day was lovely. Caught up with my mate Mary Q, our excuse (any excuse) for breakfast at Tastys Express @ B Shed Wharf, Fremantle, was that we are the dogs Mums! Then I took my Mum to lunch at one of my favourites, Il Lido in Cottesloe. A big day. Mum and I did not have dinner, and after the aged Grappa with my chocolate tart, I have no idea how I even managed a glass of wine in the evening.
Cottesloe Beach on Mother Day, the sea breeze just in
Il Lido Italian Canteen
Il Lido kitchen
Il Lido, Mum & I both had the spatcock with yummy cauliflower salad
Mum had the Drusian Proseco and I had the Snake & Herring  Cab Franc, Merlot 
I got to fit 2 sessions in with my Chiropractor, Kevin Carlson, from Gentle Chiropractic, North Perth. He is seriously good. Trained extra years in Canada and can actually do your xrays. I thought my splitting headaches were from carbon monoxide poisoning (still think something wasn't quite right there), but they have gone away since Kev, manipulated my neck. And, the feet got a bit of attention, they have been giving me a little grief! Thanks Kevin.
Kevin Carlson, Gentle Chiropractic
Gentle Chiropractic
Managed to catch up with Fi and her dog Ben, in Cottesloe @ Kim's Food Bar. Loved it. We sat on a bench out the front with the dogs. A random bloke who loved dogs came and sat with us for a bit and then wandered off. We shared an anti pasta plate, then I had a wrap with veal and tuna mayo, a glass of wine. Casual. Good. Will go back.
This shot is of my dogs, it was Peri's birthday and Dish was sharing in the fun. I bought a beef pie from the Boatshed Markets Bakery. There is a lit candle in the middle which was removed after the birthday song was sung. Thats Mum holding the bowls, careful that the Schnauzer beards weren't burnt!
I also caught up with another girlfriend @ Clancy's Fishbar - City Beach. What a fab venue. I like the atmosphere also. You can walk in, in your bathers (swimming costume), towel and thongs, as one elegant woman did, she had been in the surf and must have been dumped, her hair was full of sand. The meal was very average, I had prawns @ $37, and they were mushy. Not their usual standard, so I would go back. The company made up for it.
A view of Fremantle from Port Coogee on Mothers Day
The old derelict power station @ Coogee, the SAS apparently use it for training. It would make a beautiful hotel. Sad to see it in such bad condition.
It's Bunion Week for me this week. Have got to nail all of that in readiness for Dr Wu in Hong Kong. Can't find my referral for my foot xrays that Dr Graham Velterop wrote up for me. Bugger. Have turned the house up side down. They are probably some where, where I wont forget them!!! I also have to organise short stay accommodation for myself in Fremantle. Have chosen Freo as it could be 'fun' when I'm in the wheel chair. Might even hire one of those motorised ones! OMG I feel like a Nanna (not that there is anything wrong with being a Nanna, it's just that I am not, a Nanna, just dig deeper Cath!)
The Boatshed Markets in Cottesloe rate a mention, it is such a visual feast
The Boatshed Markets, Cottesloe

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