Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Shackette Demands Attention

Good Morning,

In bed, cup of plunger Yahava Romeo coffee, nursing a hangover, merrily blogging away, feeling better by the minute.
Note the lovely new ceiling!
Gosh, so much going on, not sure where to start... Have spent a heap of time getting the house back together after the ceilings went in. This time last week I was sealing the floors with a 2nd coat. Gosh that stuff gave me a head ache. I had to vacate the house and medicate with a couple of beers. So since then, I have repopulated the main bedroom, the kitchen and bathroom with their respective furniture and bits. Everything getting a good spring clean. Adrian from Swiss Antiques came and put the furniture back together in a proper manner. Correcting the removalists handywork.

Caught up with mates from South Fremantle Doggie Beach, lunching at Settlers Tavern. Everyone enjoyed their meals, Pork Sausages & Mash, a BLT and I had Chicken Satay with their home made satay sauce, Yum.
The kitchens lovely new ceiling :), the old wood burner out, a big thanks to a mate.
Stuart, the Roof Plumber, Leeuwin Ridge Roof Plumbing, has come to discuss fixing a few issues, like what to do with the roof water run off, going down, the down pipe and then, let loose under the house, as I had just discovered. That is not the way it should be!
Must Wine Bar with a group of mates, Friday, after 5 drinks and then their 'sliders', I was drinking Plan B, Tempranillo + Viogner, and the girls were sipping on Lychee Bellini's 
Then, I had to call the plumber, Tom Wenman, as I thought I had a case of Carbon Monoxide poisoning from a leaky stove. When checking the gas pipes under the house, Tom discovered that the kitchen sink was not plumbed in after the trap!!! Right, 'not happy Jan'! Especially not happy because  prior to purchasing my gorgeous little shack, I had employed a Structural Engineer to give me a full building report. The kitchen sink plumbing is something one would think he would have picked up! Any hoooo!!! It was one, of a list of 'interesting' plumbing issues we discovered. I wont bang on about them, as I was allowed to 'vent' last night at Must over a wine or two.
Baby sitting Miss Harriot
Oh, Tom couldn't find a gas leak. So not sure what is going on there. I can smell gas when the bottles are on. He is organising someone from Kleenheat Gas to come and give us a second opinion.
Getting closer to committing to the Bunion Surgery with Dr Wu in Hong Kong. Spoke to a lovely lady who had it done and she was thrilled. Said it was expensive but worth it. Dr Wu's surgery has a high success rate, far less pain and rapid recovery. Sounds good to me. Planning to put that on the June agenda. Need to get these plumbing issues sorted first.
I went to check out a friend of a friends property near Rosa Brook, they were pouring the concrete slab for their new house, very exciting.
It was my turn this month to take photos of the regeneration of the coastal dunes after the November 2011 Fires. We have had a few heavy rain down pours along the coast, and whilst on one hand it was good soaking rain, which got a lot of little plants growing, on the other hand, it was so heavy it washed quite a bit of nourishing top soil away in some places. You will see it in the photo.
Looking from the Gas Bay carpark, note the top soil run off from the heavy rains
This coming week is going to be lots of fun. Weather permitting, Mary Q is taking me up with her in a Hot Air Balloon. And, don't forget Mother Day next weekend!
Looking from Grunters, past Gas Bay all the way down to Redgate in the distance
A few interesting things happening in the Margaret River region. Xanadu Winery are holding a charity dinner on Mothers Day, Saturday the 12th of May. All proceeds going to the Children's Cancer Institute of Australia. Sounds very good.
Gnarabup last Wednesday
Quay West up on the cape, at Bunker Bay are holding a 'Welcome to Fabulous Bellagio At Bunker Bay'. Looks huge on the entertainment factor. Also on the 12th.

Aravina Estate, Knee Deep, Clancy's, Bootleg Brewery are just a few organising a special day for Mum also. I see that Southern Skydivers are suggesting that taking your Mum tandem skydiving is a good gift idea, yep, I could just see my Mum and I leaping out of an aeroplane!!!
Lucky this is blurry, you can see less wrinkles! :)

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  1. Hey Cath, love that shot of you at the end of the blog. Gorgeous. The house is looking good after the ceiling re-fit. Love the updates, keep them coming xxx



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