Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bunions, Milestones, February 2013

Gosh, it's 8 and a half months after my bunion surgery! I have hit a couple of milestones, and very appreciative of them. I must admit, 'this' surgery has taken twice as long to recover than I expected.
My feet, notice the scar has almost disappeared, 12th Feb 2013
January 2012
My feet, 4th August, 2012, one month after the surgery
Last night, at the beautiful wedding reception of Jessica and Luke, I wore my first pair of high heeled shoes, since, before the operation! I tried a heeled pair to start, but felt very unbalanced, so switched to a wedged pair and managed quite well, taking it slowly. No pain this morning, a big tell tail. As Rhonda says... your feet will tell you!
Getting the hall ready for Jess & Lukes reception
Today, little Dish and I walked (moderately) for a whole hour along the Rails ToTrails that wends it way from Cowaramup to the south of Margaret River. We loved it, but we were feeling it after 40 minutes.. feels great though. I am one of those walkers that has a long, loppy stride, I get a fair speed up and launch off my toes. That was before the surgery, I am only just feeling confident to do that again. I have tried to get going on the walking before, but had a few problems, have put my back and neck out a few times... not sure what happened to my foot, I think the old bones were getting used to the 'new arrangement'. Then, I have had my clutsy type accidents, like stepping onto Dish's chewed lamb shank bone, my foot rolled, some how the toes rolled under and I ended up crashing down onto my knees (that was only a couple of days ago), but not even a bruise on the knees! The list goes on... but, hey... all is good.
Walking through the bush after my morning coffee at The Margaret River Bakery
I did get quite disillusioned around the 4/5 month period. The problem was that I expected to be quite a bit further down the recovery track than I was. Also, the big toe joints were still quite swollen. All my xrays have been fabulous, and Dr Wu was happy with those. Since then I have come to terms with my process. And, hard for me, but I have had to accept that this process is slow. It was two steps forward, one step back. Now, it is, no steps back, but one slow step after the other. But I am happy. You will see by the photos that the scars have almost disappeared, the big toe joints are still a bit swollen, but they are reducing. The toes still feel a bit stiff and I do my toe exercising regularly. And, best of all I can walk confidently!!!
Love being able to flex back my toes, wiggle, wiggle!
Would I do it again.....?
Walked through the sand (albeit with my sandals on) to get to this beautiful spot at Main Break, Margaret River
Yes... most definitely! BUT, I would have liked to have known what I was up against, because then, I could have planned more appropriately, and, I would not have become so distressed not understanding why 'my' process was taking so long.... Dr Wu take note! I feel that Dr Wu's wonderful surgery should be backed up with better support for his overseas patients. I get that the support for local patients are well catered for.
Geographe Bay, looking west toward Dunsborough, fabulous hard flat sand for my sand walking!
Can I recommend Dr Wu....?
Main Break, Margaret River, the sand is heaps softer than Geographe Bay
Yes... most definitely! He genuinely loves his work and loves your feet. This is not a paid recommendation... :) Seriously, Rhonda and I have concurred, and both agree. You can feel his concern for your well being. It starts when you are sitting in front of him and he picks up your foot to cast his eye over, what has been for you, years of suffering. When I did my initial research, I was quietly critical of those recommending him, as they were all too positive! Now I know why. Rhonda and I both had the experience of him redressing our feet, in hospital, after the operation... how many times have you seen that?!
I just love walking along these bush tracks, they are almost 'in town'!
To me, 'at the end of the day', like my grandmother, if I hadn't have had this surgery, I would have almost been crippled. I was already reduced to wearing oversized shoes and not being able to walk too far with out excruciating pain! So... my choices... go ahead with bone breaking surgery like my grandmother (only for the bunion condition to return), or try Dr Wu's Syndesmosis Procedure???  
Siesta Park, Geographe Bay, Dish and I walked for over half an hour in that sand, nice and hard, but with sandals, not game to go without at the mo
I am going to give you another progress report around the 9 month mark when I have my next set of xrays. I think Rhonda had her surgery around 2 years ago (will check and alter if Im not right), and, she seems very happy with her surgery, her tell tail, a beautiful big smile on her face, I have noticed great mobility in her feet. I am very happy with my walk today, and very happy (now) with my progress. Won't be long before I can walk in that lovely sand on the beach...... with out shoes!!!
Siesta Park, it is a 30 minute drive up to this beach, but perfect for my rehab, Dish and I found ourselves swimming with a dolphin and a couple of sting rays

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