Sunday, May 18, 2014

Introducing The Animal Family

Good Morning from The Shackette in Margaret River.
The Flea Circus has come to town (actually no fleas... all have had vaccinations, have been wormed and flea'd... u really wanted to know that, didnt you! :)
I'm wanting to introduce you to the new, fluffy, family. I finally bit the bullet and adopted a beautiful Birman kitten that was given to me by the lovely lady that boards PuddyTat.
Master Ted. This week weighing in at 2.7kgs. He's about 4 months old.
Monica breeds Birman's and when I took PuddyTat there for a stay whilst I went on my cruise, she offered this beautiful little boy to me. I asked if I could think about it for a week before deciding, but after a little cuddle I was naming him as I drove down the road. What a gift.... OMG he is divine. He is super soft, cuddly, loving and gentle, although that tongue of his is like a rasp. I have named him Master Ted, short for Teddy Bear. Ted is currently helping me with the typing, his purr is like a Harley Davidson on idle.
Mum took this photo of Ted fast asleep in between my feet
As I boarded my ship for a cruise around the top of Australia, I could not get the little fella out of my mind. I was worried that PuddyTat, aka Madam Lash (my beautiful Ragdoll), was going to hate him and eat him for breakfast. Luckily, Monica could put Ted and PuddyTat next to each other in the cages so that they could get used to each other. Poor Ted had a hard time of it as PT spent her time hissing at him. Luckily the ordeal didn't seem to affect his 'cool dude' demeanour.
Miss Paris (yes there are shades of Ms Hilton!) She is 4 and a half months old, weighing in at 1.8 Kgs. Ted is 2 weeks younger and almost a kilo heavier! He's gunna be a big boy!
By the time the ship had arrived at Airlie Beach, I had decided that it was really 'the perfect time' for me to introduce a dog back into my life, it would be fab for the kitten and the puppy to grow up together. I called a breeder that I had spoken to months before and was lucky enough to have a beautiful little Papillon puppy waiting there, just for me. She would be my birthday present to myself. The breeder had named her Paris ByNight! Not my style really, but she knew her name and Miss Paris it is. My friends greet her with 'bonjour Paris :)'. They are practicing french, it's fun. 
'Out for the count'. She does however still maintain her decorum in her sleep!
This little one is a character also. Fluffy, friendly, loving. Looks like someone has given her 'yippee bouncing beans' at times, and then she passes out. Everyone she meets is like a long lost friend. Its gorgeous to see her greet total strangers on the street. You would think her tail would fall off from all the wagging.
She is actually standing still long enough to take a photo! I reckon she still looks like a toupe on legs!
My brother Paul seems to be her surrogate Dad. On one of the first nights after bringing her home, we thought that playing with her to wear her out before bed was a good idea... no actually, she hit the wall and turned into a ravaging wild dog!!! Freaked us both out. She is such a little lady and the next thing, out came the grimacing teeth and an awesome savage growling... oopsy. She did sleep very well though. Wont do that again.
PuddyTat (aka Madam Lash) "Not happy Jan!!!!"
PuddyTat reacted badly to the introduction of 'others' into her domain. Lots of fierce growling and running off in a huff with her tail all fluffed up. She even had a decent swipe at me which upset me enough to think I had to send her back to the breeder. But after a good talking to from me to her... she miraculously seemed to change her tune.
PuddyTat has turned into one of the most beautiful cats I have seen. 
That was a couple of weeks ago and now you would not know she is the same cat. She is actually 'playing' with Ted and Paris!!! Unbelievable.... and... she has actually been cuddling me. What the....???? I am so grateful. The vet did say she would come around, thank goodness!
There is no way this photo could have been taken weeks ago. PuddyTat would have attempted to have a good swipe at the others and she would not have been seen any where near them!
So it is a beautiful happy family I can introduce to you. We have love, harmony, fun and joy. That word 'JOY' has been missing a bit for me since the passing of Peri and Dish. I reckon I am an animal person. I can't live without them. They are little bundles of joy.
Paris is so comfortable with PT that she is playing 'tug of war' with 'her rope'! That would have been previously punishable by deep gash on that delicate little nose.
We do have a couple of issues to contend with.... as the vet said "Ted is missing a 'nut'"! Why it hasn't dropped we are not sure. We are going to let nature take its course for a couple more months and then he will have to go under the knife!!!
PuddyTat helping with the printing
Then there is the toilet training for Miss Paris. Yep... it's such a pain. At least the Shackette is not so precious and more tolerant to a little widdly puppy.
This photo is blurry because she jumped when the paper was feeding in through the back.... she just cracks me up. She loves the office.
Just now, all the cats are curled up on their plush cat scratching poles, Paris is laying on the bed next to me and dreaming about something that is making her tail wag. It's wet and rainy in Margs. 20C today, not too cold. The Shackette is again a cosy, happy home. I'm looking forward to this afternoon to take Miss Paris for her first walk (apres vaccinations) along the beach. Woohooo :)
The cats sleeping together?!


  1. Cath, I hadn't realised you had lost both Peri and Dish and I think you're right; animals are necessary! Your new additions look absolutely gorgeous - your cat Ted is divine!!!! Enjoy them. xx

    1. Thank you Amanda. I was at a cafe today having my obligatory long mac, Paris sitting quietly on my lap. A gentleman walked passed, stopped to admire Paris. He said simply "dogs are the 8th wonder of the world"! I know that all animals seem to have an amazing healing quality. Im having so much fun with them. Hope your well. Tah xc



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