Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bunions, An Update On Dr Wu

Well, the feet are still happily holding together. My bunion surgery goes back to 4th of July, 2012! Gosh, where have those 2 years gone? That first year, did not go fast enough. I hate being incapacitated and being nobbled like that nearly drove me crazy (as you probably gleaned). But I survived. I did realise before I embarked on the 'Bunion Journey' that it was going to be difficult. But at the end of the day, I felt I had no choice. Weighing up one or two years of major difficulty, would be nothing in comparison of eventually not being able to walk at all. Visions of my poor Grandmother hobbling around flash before my eyes. Poor sausage, I had no idea she was in so much pain!!
My first night in Hong Kong, I took myself off to Zeffirino's, on the 31st flr of the Regal HK Hotel. Yum. Great views. On my own. Freaking out about my surgery!
Now, you probably realise that Dr Wu has had difficulties with his methods of surgery questioned by the Medical Board in Hong Kong. They could effectively stop him from performing this surgery. Which, is a major pity. He has challenged their decision and has taken his quest to the High Court. So we will keep our fingers crossed and pray that he can continue to help other people who need help in this area.

His office has sent out some copies of media to his patients, I will pass these on to you. I checked with Rhonda about the Chinese part of the news clipping and she assures me its about Dr Wu and the Bunions. Please forgive me if its is something completely different as I don't understand that language.

Apparently Dr Wu is allowed to continue the surgery up to the time of his case going to the High Court, which I believe is toward the end of the year.

Im also keen to go back to Hong Kong to repeat the function study of my feet to compare with my pre-op results at Dr Wu's surgery. And, I will time that with a charity walk that Dr Wu does with his patients. It would be fun. And, I would really love to meet other people who have had go through this process. I will let you know when Rachel, Dr Wu's secretary gets back to me with the details. When I went to Hong Kong for the operation, I was not in the mood to enjoy myself. Although, Rhonda did help me along with a lovely long luncheon after the op!! Dear oh dear, we enjoyed too many wines and had too many laughs.
Lunch with Rhonda :)
Im not sure if you remember Rhonda... gorgeous girl. I would not have done the surgery without hearing of her experience. We only had contact via email prior to me going to Hong Kong. With out even meeting her, she called after my op and said that she was coming to pick me up from hospital and take me back to my hotel.... no 'buts'! I would never have asked, but was so relieved to have such open hearted support. Makes me 'tear up' thinking about her generosity. I was sooo stressed, going all that way on my own and then to have surgery in another country! My poor doctor in Margaret River, before I left I thought I had asthma.... nope, had all the tests, it was anxiety. I had worked myself up into a wheeze and was hyperventilating! Oh dear... I was such a chicken :)
This is at the Lanson, where I was staying, wearing the 'moon boots' over my foot casts, the crutches not far off, and, the glass of wine.... of course!
I have also had another lovely experience lately. One of the readers of this blog, made contact and wanted to meet me to talk about my surgery and her bunions. Gosh, that was a special experience. It has made me feel that perhaps 'we' (those affected by bunions) should form a support group of some sort. Im just thinking, putting it out there and am open to input. Because, a lot of support is needed. Even if it is just to be an online chat.
It's funny really, but this last year, the last thing I wanted to talk about was bunions, and perhaps there was a measure of trying to 'forget'. But, I think this funny little blog has made some difference and that warms my heart. 

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