Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bunions, Dr Wu's Evaluation Of The Xrays

Just received a reply from Dr Wu which I thought I would post....

Dear Catherine:

Your 2-year x-ray looked just fine. There was no sign of any deformity recurrence since your last x-ray one year ago. It is no surprise to us anymore since we are virtually still looking for the first case of failure of the intended new ligament by our surgery after over 1,000 cases. It is how good of healing power of one's own body or the nature. Our patients have challenged it with all sorts of sports and high-heels without failures.

Mild discomfort may happen in different ways in each individual case but not usually due to anything serious, except possibly some remaining internal scar tissues from the surgery or mild joint cartilage damage from previously prolonged bunion deformity condition. Certainly, I cannot imagine your feet becoming disabled by doing normal activities.  

I read your blog with envies of a happy person.

Your next scheduled x-ray is in three years or five years after surgery for a grand finale of proof of the surgery.

Best regards,

Dr. Wu

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