Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Madge & Combined Training For Safety In Margaret River

(My apololgies for being late with this post, I blame it on the lurgy, but I so want to share Madge's experience because it shows how much effort the 'community' put into our care and safety, a beautiful gift, Thankyou All. The following is a MOCK accident.  Cath)

'The community of Margaret River should feel safe and secure in their volunteers. Ambulance Officers, Police Officers and Firey's work together throughout the year to ensure they are up to date with their safety protocols.

Last weekend was no exception. With the assistance of Rotary we had Curtin University students assisting as patients -and there were a few "Academy Award Performances" to be seen...they certainly made us work hard.' Madge

The Firey's work together to remove the passenger from the car (this is all a scenario and not real)

Caring for a patient at the scene (this is a scenario and not real)

Working together with Ambo's to make the best decisions

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