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Margaret River - In Situ, Nov 28, 2012

Happy, happy, walking......
Cath, mushrooms baked on vine leaves
Gosh, lots going on. The garden reticulation is in the process of having a major 'make-over'. Every thing new. A new, water wise Rain Bird ESP Modular Controller, I think even I can operate this machine!. The lawn has been trenched up and new pipes laid. The boys have gone to another job for a couple of days, but they were here when they said they were going to be, although I had to book them over 4 months before they could do the job. So far, so good, their skills and obvious experience are giving me confidence, always a good thing. Mind you, there is a mass of gritty dust coating everything, including Dish and I, from the soil spray out from the trench digger. Luckily, today, it is raining, thank you God/Universe!
Foris Irrigation, a happy Movember I think
That was my lawn, note the dust & apparently my lawn killed the trencher! 
Earlier today, Dish and I braved the weather warnings and headed out to the beach for a coffee @ The White Elephant, those guys need a medal, it is so windy out there it would blow the froth off your latte.
A double shot latte @ The White Elephant this morning 
Gnarabup, boat ramp, there is a swimmer in there 
But I managed to preserve our froth and sit in the comfort of the marquee out of the wind, and watched the spume fly off the tops of the waves.
Main Break this morning, 40/45 knots, spot the kite surfer! I was nearly blown off the steps! 
Only one person braved the surf for a swim, and, out at Main Break there was a bloke Kite Surfing. Not sure who it was, but that wind was gusting 40/45knots according to Seabreeze. No mean feat! Dish and I went for our longest walk yet, along the path, above Prevelly & Gnarabup Beachs. Feels so good to be mobile, don't have the pace yet, but getting there.
Prevally Beach
Earlier this week, the social calendar took a hit to my waist line. Margaret River hosted the Margaret River Gourmet Escape. Everyone I have spoken to has thoroughly enjoyed the events.
The Margaret River Gourmet Escape, Sunday
 A group of us, 5 in total, decided that our budgets weren't going to stretch to all the events, so we put on our own 'long table, progressive lunch'. We had a ball. It was held on Saturday, starting at 1pm (and finishing up - for me, @ 9pm when I was picked up by the taxi).
My baked mushrooms with a Bill Granger porcini risotto 
The day, Italian themed, each person had to cook a dish, select a complimentary wine and accompanying music.
Steve's Mussel's apparently the recipe is a guarded secret handed down from the Pope ! 
The menu went as follows;
#1 HD Steve, serving Zuppa de Cozze
#2 Miss D, frutti di mare en cartiglio
#3 Team Tool (thats me), Funghi alla griglia, Risotto con Porcini
#4 Missy Loz, Polpette e spaghetti, Bruschetta
#5 Miss M, Tiramisu
Miss Loz constructing her Bruschetta
Every one of these dishes, absolutely delish.
Miss Loz's Brushetta, yum!
It was a lot of fun. I was inspired by a trip I had taken to Italy almost 25 years ago. It was in Asti that I was served the most delightful mushrooms grilled on vine leaves, served with a shaving of parmesan and a shaving of truffle!!! Delish, I can taste it now. I also was served an accompanying Asti Spumante. And, that, also was amazing. I dont think it is the same wine we drink here in Australia, as I tried a glass of it last week in preparation for this lunch, and I didn't enjoy it in the same way.
Saturday was the day when Dish was allowed off the leash with Sid, 'The Dog Slayer'! 
My contribution for the music was from the Dean Martin archives, after all, his parents were Italian, from him, we enjoyed Thats Amore and Mambo Italiano. The others offered Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli and Tony Pantano (Perth boy?)  So much fun.
Miss D's Prawn & Angel Hair pasta parcels, they are only a bit blurry for the effect... not because the photographer had had a 'few'! Can't believe someone asked me to take photos of their Daughters wedding!!!
Sunday, we all managed to survive Saturday and headed down to the Gourmet Escape. It was fabulous. Lots to see and do. I was amazed that so many fabulous famous chefs were there. It was so casual, everyone wandering around under a warm, Australian sky. There were people displaying and sampling their produce. Everyone enjoying local wines and beer, and little meals made from our local produce. There were cooking classes, not only for the adults but the kiddies also. Well done everyone. It's got to be on the list for next year.
Yesterday, Prevally
In there, somewhere on the weekend, the Margaret River Farmers Markets, the Margaret River Makers Market and the Town Square Markets were also pumping along.
Gnarabup, looking toward Main Break
So after that gourmand experience, I am on a diet (again)! It's apples, and more apples!!!! And more walking!

Gnarabup this morning

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