Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Margaret River, Kel's Deszi Driver Service & Brookwood Estate

The rain is belting down on the tin roof of The Shack'ette. The wind howling through the trees. Driving out for a walk along the beach proves impossible as I have missed my opportunity to walk in the sun. The sky merges with the waves and it's a whiteout. Our little river that is Margaret River has broken free at the river mouth, and the Peppermint Tree stained water escapes to sea.
Inside (PuddyTat, Master Ted and Paris)
Little lambs are nudging Mum for a bit more milk. The cows are gambling across the lush green grass. Ducks nibbling their way through the creek mud.
Cows on the way to Brookwood Estate, Treeton Rd
This is the time of year when surfing opportunities are scarce. Im not in the mood for stand up paddle boarding as I hate the feeling of cold rain dribbling its way down and into my wetsuit! Although, it is sensational to paddle up the river in the mist.... but... Im a bit soft. The kite boarders are anything but soft, they are out in numbers taking advantage of this wild weather.
The kite surfers but little specks on a blustery sea, there are actually a couple of surfers there also, but you cant see them. Gnarabup Beach
But, it is absolutely perfect weather for wining, dining and enjoying the company of my mates.
I recently started to plan some upcoming events. And was wondering about transport logistics. I wanted to go to the recent Creative Corner meeting at The Colonial Brewery. Had a dinner coming up at friends who live in the countryside on a farm and I also wanted to take Paris, my dog. And, then there was the Gourmet Escape coming up in November.
Drinking and driving is not on. And, I do not want lose the opportunity to enjoy our local wines. My logistical solution was to call Kel from Kel's Deszi Driver Service. This is where you can drive your own vehicle to the venue and then Kel (your designated driver), will arrive at a prearranged time with another driver, and drive you (in your car), with your companions and even your dog, home, safe and sound. Her driver follows behind and picks Kel up when you arrive at your destination. After using Kel's services for several years, we have got to know each other and today she invited me out to Brookwood Estate.

What a wonderful idea, a girly lunch on a winters day! Even on her time off she was restrained enough to just have a little sip of wine at the tasting room. I of course was not so restrained. I got to try a little of their champagne, and each of their 4 red wines. I chose a glass of their Cabernet Sauvignon to accompany my lunch.
Melt in the mouth Gnocchi, just look at that Manjimup Truffle!
Kel is friends with the gorgeous Chef at Brookwood, Aven Wachmer. He had given up some of his 'day off' to make sure Kel got to sample a selection of his fare. Yummm, I felt so spoilt. For entree we sampled Panko Encrusted Oysters on a chilli, avocado salsa :) The Scallops from Esperance :) & The King Prawn and Jamon Croquettes :)
The Augusta Pink Snapper... again, melt in the mouth!
For our mains we shared the Augusta Pink Snapper and the pan fried Gnocchi with Manjimup Truffles...... OMG yumm!

We truly couldn't decide what to try as there are so many delicious choices... Confit Duck with Pomegranates... Sous Vide Arkady Lamb.... Beef Cheeks - truffle mash.... (check out the menu here)

Thank you Kel, thank you Aven and thank you Brookwood. It was a spoil for me today. Kel did all the driving, Aven indulged us with his culinary expertise and Brookwood graciously paid for my lovely wine at lunch (not to mention making it). I could not resist buying a bottle of the 2012 Cab Sav to take home. Apparently it will be even better in a couple of years... I don't think it will live in my cellar that long.

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