Monday, February 13, 2012

Yahoo, Just Passed My First 5000 Page Views

Hello All,

Just a quick post to mark the moment. We have just passed over 5000 page views and that is since August 20th 2011! I am thrilled:) Has way exceeded my expectations.

The First Post:

Thank you to everyone who may follow me regularly (thanks Mum & Dad).

Half of my followers are from the Northern Hemisphere, mostly from the USA, the other half from Australia. We have readers from Malaysia, Ukraine, France, Thailand, actually all over the world, daily.

I hope to bring, and share, with you the good things in my life. Life is full of not so good things, but you have to take all of that on the chin, get a grip, and fully immerse yourself in the good things.

I have been thinking of our people in the Northern Hemisphere. Im shocked to think so many of our beautiful brothers and sisters are struggling. I think we in the Southern Hem also have our issues.

If I can contribute to love, light and happiness, I will.

There is this visualisation we did at Counselling College, lots of sun, warmth, light and sexy. Workin on remembering it. Soon....

Oh, and Im not sure how we cash in here, but we have also amassed an incredible amount of $5.00 in all that time on Google Ads!

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